Who ever had interview experience?

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Mar 28, 2008
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Just wondering if you've ever had any bad interview experience. It can be pharmacy school or pharmacy job related! If possible, would you like to share? ;)

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Just wondering if you've ever had any bad interview experience. It can be pharmacy school or pharmacy job related! If possible, would you like to share? ;)

For interviews, I don't know, but as far as job experiences, there have been several threads about this already. Just search for them next time. A few examples
1. What not to do in the drive thru...
2. Things I learn from my patients
3. My experience so far as a pharmacy clerk...

For more job related experiences read the following pharmacist blogs
1. www.theangrypharmacist.com
2. www.theangriestpharmacist.com

Happy reading!
I haven't, but I have heard nightmares.

People show up dressed/groomed improperly
Nervous ticks/fidgeting
Getting caught in a lie about something on a resume
Knowing nothing about the company/position being applied for
Asking if they can wait a few more days to take the drug test
Making racist/sexist/crude off hand comments
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As far as bad interview experiences go, mine were pretty terrible. I interviewed at Creighton University and West Virginia University for pharmacy school. I had to reschedule both of them because of bad weather, so I ended up going to Omaha on the 28th of March, and to Morgantown, WV, on the 29th. I used Greyhound to go to Omaha, then back to Kansas City, took a plane from KC to Pittsburgh, and then another bus to Morgantown. When I was done with my interview there, I took a bus to Pittsburgh, and Greyhound to Missouri, where I live.

On the day before my interview at Creighton, I stayed up till 3:20 in the morning doing an assignment which had to be turned in the next day. I then hurriedly took a shower and went to the Greyhound station, since my bus was leaving at 4:15. I didn't shave. When I finally got to Creighton, I went to one of their bathrooms and shaved there. It was an open bathroom, and people were coming and going. I just told them, "Don't mind me," and they didn't. While shaving, I cut myself, and as I was putting on my shirt, the blood stained my collar, and I had to do my interview with a bloodstained white shirt.

I got to Pittsburgh at 11:00 in the morning, and discovered that there was no way to get to Morgantown except by a bus which came at 2:00pm. And my interview was set for 2:30! I called the school to let them know that I was stranded at the Pittsburgh airport (I don't have a license), and that I would be late. The bus came at 2:00 and did not get to Morgantown until 4:00. I didn't start my interview until 5:00 in the evening, and I did my interview in my travel clothes, which were a polo and jeans! I was the last person they interviewed on the last day of their pharmacy school interviews. I also ended up staying the night at Morgantown, and the assistant dean (who's an incredible person) helped me find a motel, took me there, bought me dinner, and took me to the bus station the next day. For breakfast, I had the doughnuts they served interviewees the previous day.

Luckily, both schools accepted me.
Just wondering if you've ever had any bad interview experience. It can be pharmacy school or pharmacy job related! If possible, would you like to share? ;)

Yes I had a bad interview experience at UCSD, but it was mostly because of my nerves :(
I did the Jefferson interview during my Spring Break. So, I went to Wilkes-Barre for my Spring Break and then left the next morning to go to Philly.

Left 3 hours prior to the interview, was making great time until we hit traffic entering Philadelphia, on the Penn Turnpike from I-80 until Philadelphia area, we were averaging 95 mph and 12 mpg fuel economy, so hit traffic in Philly, got lost, and finally made it to Jefferson 1/2 hour before the interview.

Couldn't find parking so my cousin went to find parking, however I forgot to take my bag out of the car that had extra transcripts, resumes, etc.

So I turn around, and there goes my cousin speeding away. I told him I should be done around 12:30PM, I guess he decided to go joyriding instead of parking and waiting, that and he didn't have his cell phone.

Went to the vending machine to buy a Sprite to wash down some Xanax, the stupid bottle exploded and I spilled Sprite all over the floor. So, then went upstairs to find the Pharmacy Department.

Nobody was there, so I kept walking around until 9:55. I start sweating because I'm wearing a wool jacket and its bloody 80 degrees in the building.

The interview went okay, but they still had no record of my Fall semester.