Why choose UMDNJ -- Those who are attending -- why?

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May 23, 2002
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Well, for me, the reasons are endless...but i will try to give you the most important reasons...first, umdnj has such a small class size...roughly 95 people enables an opportunity for faculty and staff to know not just your name but also personal information about you...I believe this will be extremely important when applying for residency since everyone I talk to says that recommendations during the clinical years are just as or maybe even more important than grades...if I can create strong relationships with members of the faculty for several years during medical school, then I believe this will be a vital factor when I apply for residency...Second, umdnj is directly affiliated with Kennedy Health System and Our Lady of Lourdes, and since I have lived in southern new jersey for all of my life and am very familiar with these hospitals, I know from personal experience that these hosptials provide various experiences in all kinds of medicine, not just primary care...Third, umdnj receives more research funding than any other osteopathic school in the nation...and if you are interested in research (which is bascially a requirement for any fellowship) then you will have no problem getting involved in a research project at umdnj...Fourth, umdnj provides patient contact for students in the first semester of the first year...thorugh a preceptorship program with a primary care physician, students spend time seeing patients in a doctor's office the very first semester...Fifth, umdnj facilitates a non competitive environment for it's students by having an absolute grading scale (which means no quota for number of A's, B's, C's, etc...you get what you get) and also through a big brother/big sister program in which a second year student will give the first year student all of his/her tests, notes, and advice for each class...Sixth, UMDNJ has an excellent graduate medical education with more residencies than any other medical school and they offer residences and fellowships in every area of medicine from primary care to radiology to vascular surgery to cardiology...And finally, every time I am there it is apparent the environment is one which promotes learning and making you the best possible physician...the dean of student affairs, Dr. Wallace and all of the other staff and facult seem to have a genuine concern for the success of each and every student...those are just the highlights...the list goes on and on...
well put Mike, thanks for laying it all out:D

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mikeh27 I pm'ed you
I'm not going there or did I apply but I think they offer instate tuition after the first year.

That alone is a great reason.
actually in state tuition is offered THE FIRST YEAR before you start classes as long as you get some things taken care of prior to classses beginning!!!

They have the largest percentage of female students.