Why people do like Doximity ? What problem is it solving for you ?

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Mar 3, 2023
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Hi 👋, I'm just wondering why Doximity app is so popular... what are your top 3 reasons to use it ?

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1) it's got some decent metrics / data all collected in one place.

That's all I can think of. The feedback information can be stale and of limited value, IMO.
The dialer app can be pretty clutch sometimes
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Residency data, although inaccurate at times.

Can make hipaa compliant phone calls.

Can securely fax documents.

Interesting and updated clinical information and articles are posted sometimes.

Job postings.

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As others have said, the dialer and fax capabilities are super handy.
The dialer is all I really use it for. Sometimes it has relevant medical news. I hardly ever look up rankings or that stuff.