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May 24, 2006
For those of you in AZ and other WICHE states make sure you apply for the WICHE PSEP scholarship. A WICHE rep informed me a few days ago that there was more $$ than they had applicants this year. Its worth $17,000 per year of school and you don't have to repay it. The criteria is that you have to be a resident of one of the WICHE states for at least 5 years (at least thats the case w/ AZ). You also have to practice in your WICHE state for as many years as you take the scholarship. Also you are not limited to certain fields of practice like other similar scholarships.


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Jan 19, 2007
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there is a maximum of 4 years in the program, and 3 years minimum of service (regardless of how many years you are in it). your service must be in:

1. a designated underserved area
2. community migrant health center (federally-qualified health center)
3. state mental health hospitals
4. state correctional facilities
5. an office/clinic with more than 40% of caseload on medicare, sliding fee scale patients also qualify

there is a 9 month period to find a health care center for service, and can be done during residency, or deferred if doing residency outside of the wiche state. but eventually you are required to serve, otherwise it turns into a loan.


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Sep 28, 2006
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HEY! I WANT ONE!!! :smuggrin: :mad:

But...I live in NY and am going to school in Tennessee. Does anyone know of anything (other than the Health Service Corp and military) that will pay while you are in school?
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