Will FASFA Provide Support for MD/DO After Supporting Both Undergrad and Grad school?

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Feb 25, 2011
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Hi all,

I am in the final semester of an MSOT program, but recently have been thinking about expanding my scope of practice and taking the leap into an MD/DO program. However, as the title suggests, I am unsure if FASFA will provide any financial support.

Is any one familiar with this, or does anyone have any insight they would like to provide?


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FAFSA is just a form. FAFSA doesn't lend you money. FAFSA is what you fill out to get federal loans. You'll see FAFSA once a year until you're out of med school, but you'll live with your federal loans a whole lot longer than that. Your elected members of congress create the programs that count as federal loans, such as Stafford, Grad Plus and Perkins. The differences between these programs can add up to six figures by the end of residency. So knowing that FAFSA isn't a lender matters.

Each med school sets its own cost of attendance including living expenses. You can borrow federal loans up to that limit, regardless of what you borrowed for undergrad/grad.

And then of course: can isn't should.