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Will my Admissions be rescinded?


New Member
Aug 17, 2017
Long story short, I've been accepted to a professional pharmacy program. I've completed all my pre-reqs. But at the end of last semester, I stupid mistake I made a long time ago caught up with me and I left my undergraduate institution in bad standing.

I can't find any specific wordings in my pharmacy program's catalog or handbook or website about rescinding admissions for such an instance. But I feel like it could be seen as lying on my application - since at the time when I applied, I said I had never been reprimanded for any disciplinary action in school. Is my best bet to just be honest and tell them directly what happened before they receive my final transcript and hope for the best? I'd be more than willing to talk to them about what I learned from the ordeal and be put on maybe some sort of probationary status. Or do you think my admissions will surely be rescinded? I'm really nervous.
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Amicable Angora

7+ Year Member
Oct 6, 2012
  1. Pharmacist
Honestly a group of us got caught forging doctors' excuses for class absences. I'm embarrassed just saying it. It was one of those stupid things where you don't fully grasp the consequences of your actions. And it's even worse on me I'm aware because I'm going into a medical profession.

Has your school assigned you a mentor/guidance counselor? You could share with them directly by phone or in person. Absolutely do not share by email.
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