1. O

    Will my acceptance be rescinded for Bs?

    I've been struggling with personal life and I currently have 5 acceptances but they're to MD schools and they all say I need to maintain academic standard. My stats are uGPA: 3.0 with strong upward trend (~3.8 last two years) Neuro masters: 4.0 If I get two Bs it will be my first semester and...
  2. N

    Appealing a grade (pre req for Pharmacy school)

    I have been accepted to pharmacy school. However I had one pre req left this summer, part 2 of human anatomy. I was well on my way to passing the course except for a few personal issues. Such as my grand father passing away, working full time, and my car dying. I also have anxiety attacks, the...
  3. B

    Will my Admissions be rescinded?

    Long story short, I've been accepted to a professional pharmacy program. I've completed all my pre-reqs. But at the end of last semester, I stupid mistake I made a long time ago caught up with me and I left my undergraduate institution in bad standing. I can't find any specific wordings in my...
  4. Ashleigh99MD

    Worried I Might Lose My Spot

    I have had 1 II and have been accepted to one MD school this cycle. I don't have any other II and don't realistically expect one at this point (borderline applicant, ORM, this is my state school). I made a mistake on my AMCAS that I didn't notice until after it had been verified. I listed my...
  5. B

    Opinions Please. Did i Shoot Myself in the Foot With GPA Drop?

    Hi there I'm a Texas resident who applied to the three Texas schools and interviewed in August. At the time of applying and Interviewing my GPA was a 3.81 Overall, and a 3.76 BCPM, paired with a 21AA and a high PAT. After slacking off a bit in my summer coursework, as well as this semester...
  6. K

    Anyone have their acceptance rescinded?

    I was fortunate enough to be granted admission to a few pharmacy schools, along with my #1 school recently. My #1 school requires completing my remaining courses with ALL B's, even non-pharmacy prerequisites. I have left all my hard biochemistry capstone courses for my last semester, and I am...
  7. T

    Rescinded acceptance for omitting disciplinary info.

    I recently was accepted to school. I have had no intention of hiding my disciplinary history from it; in fact, the worst of it I did report. It was actually the very minor conflicts I had with my undergraduate school's housing office that did me in. My acceptance was rescinded based on...
  8. R

    Should I disclose an infraction if it is never asked for?

    I have an infraction which is about a year and a half old which is classified as a civil ordinance violation (not a felony or misdemeanor). I will be applying to med schools next year. The AMCAS only asked about misdemeanors and felonies and most of the secondaries that I have started looking...