Will this strategy work?

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Jul 17, 2010
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Hi Everyone! First time posting, long time reader.
Sorry for the long thesis, I wanted to try and be as specific as possible.

I wanted to see if someone could comment on my particular situation and plan that I came up with.

I took the May 22 MCAT and had no idea what I was getting myself into. I basically just reviewed everything and didnt take any practice test. I only discovered this site (thanks to god!) about a week before I took it. I think it is extremely important that every premed know about this site. Anyways, I really didnt know anything about the MCAT when I took it. I didnt prep. well at all. I felt naked going in. I was stubborn and thought I could tech myself intro. chem, while trying to maintain a 4.0 gpa that semester, while "going over the other subjects", while taking practice tests, and trying to have a life. At least for me, it was nearly impossible.
Something had to give... My MCAT gave!! I basically ended up cramming the last 2 months and really didnt do any "real" practice tests. To no surprise, I got a massive cold the week before, and only slept 4 hrs the night before the MCAT. Had I only know about this site before...!
Anyways, overall I only got a 20O (8P, 4P, 8B) on my first try. I really underestimated the VR section. Now imagine taking this part without a good prep. and with english being your second language:confused:. Additionally, I got C's in both intro chemistry courses during my first try, and I thought I could get by with just kaplan and EK 1001 chemistry for the PS and BS parts; didnt happen.
My GPA is not horrible, but its not good either; it needs work. Although I do have a pretty good increasing trend.
I had some family problems that really didn't let me focus on my work for two semesters (second semester freshman year and first semester sophomore year). My grades suffered during those semester and besides getting C's in both inorganic chemistry, I also got a lot lie 4 B-'s. Which is why my cGPA and sGPA is low.

Theses are just estimates(but really close to the real numbers):
Freshman GPA- 3.26
Sophomore- 3.05
Junior- 3.58
Senior- 3.85
5th yr Senior (based on this summer only)- 4.0 (15 credits)

These are based on what I should have by when my transcripts leave for amcas (aprox. august 15):
cGPA: 3.49
sGPA: 3.45...But, with a C in Calc I (B in Calc II),
C's in both intro chemistry, first try - retake, A's in both
Orgo 1 B , orgo 2 A (first time)
ER Volunteer (150 hrs)
Cardiologist Shadowing (100 hrs)
Worked in PR at a soccer store during some summers.
Volunteer at various PSU clubs/organization activities (50hrs)
Research- trying to get something for my 5th year.

Since my sophomore year I have gotten all A's with a A- or B+ here or there. And to my assumption, their pretty tough courses. I initially wanted to be ready to apply by the time my summer 2010 were released, but
thanks to not preparing well the first time I took the MCAT, I am now waiting to retake it sept 3rd.
Seeing how weak my chemistry background was, I figured I might as well retake the inorganic chem. this summer so I could raise my GPA and prep for MCAT. In addition, I could take as many classes as they would let me this summer and really show a strong rising trend.
I just took my first practice test and got a 27, it really made a difference retaking those inorganic chemistry courses (getting A's) and really working on the VR "tricks" and PRACTICING A LOT! As for the BS, I know the material, I just have to work on my stamina so I don't get tired and space out during that part. I just hope to get something close to a 30:D

After reading about a million posts on SDN, I realized that it was going to be nearly imposible for me to get an interview this year. But after seriously considering it, i'm still applying. I thought it would be good to go through the whole process and maybe get lucky (pending I do good on the MCAT). But even If I do good on the MCAT, i know i'm still applying late.

Since I am now applying late, with an unknown 2nd MCAT score, a pretty low GPA, and a not so stellar app., I figured that I should take another fifth year of undergrad science courses, just in case I don't get accepted this year. This way I could try and finally do some research, raise my GPA a bit more, and apply next summer (earlier and with better stats). I calculated I could get a 3.60 more or less, by the time I graduate in May.

But now I have another problem. If I dont get accepted this cycle and have to apply next cycle (for 2012 entering class) I would have another gap year.
My goal is to become an MD. Not a DO. I know that pending I do good on the MCAT re-take, I would be a more competitive DO app. But I haven't been studying as hard as i've been just to settle on the second best option. I'll keep trying till I have no other option. In addition, I don't want to do a masters or anything like that because I really don't like starting things and not being able to finish them (incase I get in). This would be my second option if after 3 tries I dont get into MD.
I wanted to do something that could let adcoms know that I can do well in MD school, while at the same time not feel like im wasting my time. This is when I discovered what an SMP is. Since then, this is what I have come up with; with regards to my future plan.

I am thinking of applying this cycle to only 10 schools which I would really want to go and could possibly get at least an interview. In addition I plan on applying to 3 or 5 SMP, while I take my 5th year undergrad courses and complete some research experience.
By taking this 5th year of Undergrad courses I could apply to the SMP with transcripts that include my fall semester (5th yr grades), and hopefully a 3.52gpa. In addition, I feel that if I needed to re-apply(while doing an SMP), I would be a better candidate (higher GPA and more EC's) and would be doing something impressive during my gap year. And start taking some MD clases.
In case I dont get accepted to an MD school while doing my SMP, I could apply a third time after completing it and have the SMP GPA to strengthen my app even more.

Does this make sense? What do you think my chances are at an acceptance each time I plan on applying?

Is it better to apply as a first time applicant or a re-applicant? I am under the assumption that its better to apply as a first time applicant; unless you have something impressive like an SMP. That's why I think I should only apply to 10 school now, with a "so-so" app., and then if I have to re-apply, would be doing it with better stats. Instead of applying to 30 schools now and 5 SMP, which besides being a big hit on my wallet, could affect future applications? Make sense?

Any input will be greatly appreciated!

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May 31, 2010
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I don't think that is enough information. Can you please elaborate?