Withdraw potential issue?

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Jan 25, 2013
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Hi SDN, I've been a lurker around these threads for the past couple of years. All of my questions have been answered, and I'm thankful for all of the posts (whether they were questions or answers). I have a concern about withdrawing from a class this quarter and I'd like to hear your input on the matter.

I'm a fourth year and on track to graduate this year. I've gotten most of my major requirements out of the way, so all I have are elective credits to fulfill. I was taking two biology classes and I wanted to take a computer science class for fun. (Note: I'm also taking a class at my local community college...I commute from Irvine to Riverside daily, so it's actually more convenient that way). I had the intention of taking the class that I'm currently enrolled in (CS8) for the quarter, but I couldn't get in at first and was consequently put on the wait list. I was also enrolled for another computer science class (CS6) at that time, which was my second choice. I was told by my advisor that I would be dropped from the wait list by 6 P.M. on the last day to add/drop classes w/out a W. I really wanted CS8, so I hoped I would get in but didn't want to risk being short units, so I didn't drop CS6.

The next morning, I found out I got in and was enrolled for both CS classes. I got a little too excited and filed a form to drop my second choice CS class--totally forgetting that it would be considered a "W". Now, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have that on my record... Does it count against me at all? It was supposed to be a class just to learn about something I'm interested in... :oops:

As of right now, I have a 3.98GPA that I worked really hard for; will this be compromised?

Thanks in advanced for your thoughts!

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No. Withdraw if you want.
As long as its not a pattern you should be ok :)
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don't worry. many people have gotten in with a few W's
Even if it becomes a pattern (for others stumbling upon this thread in the future), so long as you can explain yourself, you're fine. I had something like 6 or 7 Ws due to sudden scheduling changes at work while pursuing pre-meds as a post-bac. I was terrified that I'd look like pure poop on my app because of those Ws; but it didn't matter. Moreover, I don't think many in the process even notice them, as most reviewers tend to look at your yearly overall and BCPM GPAs rather than looking at your individual courses.