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Discussion in 'Urology' started by rachana, Dec 7, 2005.

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    I know there is an old post sort of on this topic, but I wanted to ask if there are any female urology residents who can tell me if they are happy with their decision to enter the field. I'm a third-year med student (female) and am seriously considering, so I'd appreciate any open, honest advice. Thank you!
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    Although I'm not a woman, I felt it would be important to give you at least some kind of reply since no one else has.

    I've met many women who are currently in training as urology residents. These include med school friends, current coresidents, and residents I knew as a med student. Unfortunately, I haven't met many practicing female urologists. Only a few attendings on the interview trail. I haven't met any through rotations or actual work. So, take this heresay as you will.

    I think that most women are very happy they entered the field as are the men who do. You can read on this forum all about the great aspects of urology, and I think women tend to enjoy those aspects as much as any man does. You get the chance to operate. Most of your cases occur during regular working hours. Call tends to not be so bad. Not many emergencies. The pay is pretty good too. Better than gen surg, but not as good as ortho. Probably on par with ENT.

    Now, residency can be somewhat difficult for women. First and foremost, it is a surgical residency. There are no easy clinic months. Everything is inpatient care. Therefore, if you'd like to have a child during those five years of residency, it can be very challenging to be a mom and a resident. I hope this doesn't sound sexist, but family pressures on women are so much more than they are for men. I know lots of guys who have kids who are in residency. Frankly, it is their wives who pick up the slack. I don't know any women in residency who have children. But, if you don't want to have kids as a resident, then it's really no big deal.

    Finally, the field is still dominated by men. This can be a blessing and an evil. At many places I interviewed it seemed like programs were really trying to be welcoming to females going into the field. On the other hand, you're going to be dealing day in and day out with mostly male residents. Whether you like it or not, there's going to be "locker room" conversations all the time.

    Good luck. Urology is a great field. By the time residency is done, life as an attending is very good. You're in high demand, and can really dictate they kind of practice you want.

    PM me if you have any other questions.

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