Work during IM subspecialty fellowship

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Sep 21, 2002
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I am an ms1 who thinks some of the IM subspecialties sound pretty cool, but i was wondering since you are certified or whatever the term is in Internal Medicine already if you can take call or do any other things to boost your salary during the fellowship years. I worked in a lab with an ob/gyn doing a materal-fetal medicine fellowship and I believe he took call on weekends to make some more money, so I was curious if the same thing happens in IM. Since the pay for some of the IM specialties is not quite like the surgeries, I thought it would be nice if you could make a few extra bucks during fellowship to start paying off those loans.

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Yes, its called "moonlighting" - most programs allow it as long as you have your license, which you can obtain once you've taken step III.
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Just realize that some subspecialty fellowships are very very labor intensive during the clinical years (eg. Cardiology) and may not leave you much free time for moonlighting. Of course this varies place to place....
During the first clinical year moonlighting is discouraged to comply with work hour regulations. After that if you have a permanent license moonlighting as an internist (or better yet in your subspeciality) is not uncommon.