working full time?

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Aug 27, 2001
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Hi there,

I'm wondering if anyone's in my boat. I'm starting a full time job and I don't have the free time to spend all day on secondaries. It's pretty much weekends only. I'm so stressed out though because I get so guilty for not sending them out. Also, does anyone know if med schools offer weekend interviews? Are all of you free from work?? Thanks

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Hi, I'm kind of in a similar situation- I was working full-time when I filled out my secondaries, but my job was very boring so I worked on them at work a lot (planning, revising, etc.. - can you do this during your lunch break maybe)?

Now I'm looking for a full-time job that will allow me to have the time off to interview (not having much luck because where I live right now nobody's hiring and it's very depressing). I feel your pain.

I do know that UNECOM has offered Saturday interviews in the past, but I don't know about the rest of the schools. You could post this question on the osteopathic board and maybe some current students would be able to help. :) Best of luck

I found that thinking about the applications at work and working on them during lunch made me feel less guilty about how long it was taking me to do them- that and I worked on them every night after I got home, it was a pain, but they got done. :)
I forgot to say - Welcome to SDN Izzy34!
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Hey Izzy, Welcome to SDN:

I am and have been working full-time since I decided to pursue medical school. I work on average 60-hours a week, so I have an idea what you are going through.

I have found that I just do a little work each night before I go to bed. Even if I have a horrible day, I still manage to get 10-15 minutes in which usually alleviates my guilt factor.

Remember also that there are a lot of people who are just getting their primary applications in now. ADCOMS aren't making any decisions soon so I wouldn't worry too much about being late and not getting an interview.

As far as interviews go, my attending physician supports my applying to med school and so he will give me the time to interview. I am not sure what your situation is, but I would suggest talking to your employer ahead of time and let them know that interviews are coming up and that you are willing to do whatever he or she needs you to do in order to get the time off. If that doesn't work, call in sick. Nothing is worth missing an opportunity for an interview.

Good luck in your application process.
CVPA is right.... like with any big task, just take it a little bit at a time. If you put in 20 minutes a night, you will have spent 2 hours by the end of the week.

Best of luck