Worth taking an extra year to increase chances of matching Derm?

Jan 6, 2020
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I am a rising freshman at a mid-tier BS/MD program that is 7 years long. I have the option of taking an extra year of undergrad (making it 8 years) to apply out to top medical schools. The MD school in this 7 year program has a dermatology residency and has research opportunities. Is it worth taking an extra year of undergrad for the chance of going to a top medical school in order to increase my future competitiveness for dermatology residency (another field I am interested in is GI)? I know that dermatology is the most competitive residency and I know that the competitiveness will only increase 7 to 8 years from now.

Thanks in advance!

sore eye asses

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Aug 14, 2009
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Derm reached its peak competitiveness 2008-2010. It’s all downhill from there. PE encroachment, PA encroachment, devaluation of dermatology billing codes, recent trends of lower starting salaries (my own observation past 2-3 years). Agree with above that you’re looking too far in advance. My recommendation is to pursue psychiatry, you’ll have a huge built in base of patients (i.e. burnt out and depressed physicians) to draw from.
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