Medical Would this be considered an institutional action?

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Sep 28, 2009
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Hey all, my freshman year I was accused of cheating on a homework assignment. The two professors and I ended up resolving it by dropping the homework and I was told by one that there would be no issue raised to a higher level or record. An IA at my university requires a formal email and meeting with a group none of which occurred. I consulted multiple mentors and my old counselor and they all told me that it had not risen to the level of an IA and to nor mark it on my applications. I have been applying and some anxiety has arisen about this fact. Would this be an IA? I do not want to get into medical school and then be dismissed because I was silly in my actions. Sorry if I am being neurotic it is a habit.
Based on what you have told us, you should not report this on your application.

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