Would You Do College??


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Nov 1, 2005
  1. Dental Student
    If you could have been able to go to dental school without the hassle of having to do and pay for college, would you still do college??

    If doing college for fun is your belief, and don't mind spending tons for the beauty of academic life, then why not to do it after dental education is over... if you could have avoided college as a requirement before dental school?... It is actually possible, so .. would you do it or not? what do you think?
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    Jan 11, 2004
      College is a good thing. I'd recommend it. Learn stuff, grow, learn some more stuff, try study in subject areas you'd never thought of getting into before, get your less-mature years out of the way so that professional school can be like the start of a new phase of your life. If you skip the college years (at least here in USA) I think you're really missing out. Just my opinion.


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      Jul 10, 2004
        Would I skip college? Never! I had way too much fun. If you are some anti-social person, then go ahead and skip. But then, I'm not sure if you'll like being a dentist if you're anti-social.


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        Jun 27, 2005
        1. Dental Student
          I only went to three years of college and I would have been happy with 2 (but I was wait-listed then)! Some college is a wonderful thing, but I can't say that I wish I would have stuck around for another year of P-Chem and required classes. Also, I would really like to begin my career before my 30s, so I felt like it was a good decision to get into d-school early.
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