WREB Assistant Beverly Darm review (passed WREB!!!)

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Jan 30, 2007
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Just took the WREB this past weekend (passed btw!) and wanted to leave a review for my assistant, Beverly Darm (toothfairybev). I know she’s been posted about many times, but she seriously is the best! I went into the WREB with no assistant thinking I could do it by myself. My first clinical day I did perio without an assistant and struggled. Pretty difficult alone, and I don’t recommend it. The whole time I was treating my perio patient, I was overhearing Bev who was assisting another candidate in an operatory right next to me. Bev was giving her some amazing advice the whole time. I kept thinking that candidate is lucky to have an assistant like her. After we both wrapped up with our patients, I asked if she was available the next morning for my operative procedure and she was! It was the best thing that happened to me and she made a huge difference. She’s like a WREB coach and that’s what makes her great. She reassures you, gives you lots of tips throughout the way, is a rubber dam queen, pulls out instruments and gadgets (some I’ve never seen) to help you with your prep. She has 30+ years experience and knows exactly how the WREB works. If you are lucky enough to snatch her up, I would jump on the opportunity. We’re only talking about the most important test of your life! She does travel out of state and can also help with patient referrals. You can contact her at [email protected] or (916) 712-2672. You’ll be so thankful you did!

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