1. C

    Selling lot of WREB patient/mannikin dentist exam materials

    Hello, I passed the practical portion of the WREB this past November, so I am selling all of my leftover WREB exam supplies. I was a nontraditional candidate without school resources, which is why I bought so much and have so much extra! Almost everything was purchased at Acadental or Stevenson...
  2. 4

    WREB Assistant Beverly Darm review (passed WREB!!!)

    Just took the WREB this past weekend (passed btw!) and wanted to leave a review for my assistant, Beverly Darm (toothfairybev). I know she’s been posted about many times, but she seriously is the best! I went into the WREB with no assistant thinking I could do it by myself. My first clinical day...
  3. TeeKay310

    Pennsylvania Licensure via WREB Question

    Does anyone know if PA requires the optional Prostho and extra operative sections from the WREB? Or is the standard required sections of WREB enough for PA license. I checked their .gov site and it didn't specify which sections of WREB were required, so hoped I could get an answer here. Thanks!
  4. T

    WREB Prostho exam

    I passed my prostho exam, and used the "prepcheck" to review my occlusal reduction. It worked perfectly! I had to buy the box (50), and just used 3 strips. If anyone wants to get 5, enough to practice and for the exam, send me an email! marielapdds[email protected] PrepCheck Crown Preparation -...
  5. J

    Wreb assistant

    Hello, i need anybody for assisting WREB this early June in LA. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested.
  6. K

    Hello! I am looking for an assistant for the wreb exam in may at UCSF. Anyone have any suggestions?

    Hello! I am looking for an assistant for the wreb exam in may at UCSF. Anyone have any suggestions? Where can I get patients? or is anyone interested in becoming a patient? we do free Diagnostics and Xrays at our office and if qualified, we will offer free treatments or compensation. Thank you!
  7. S

    Failed NBDE 1 timing

    I failed NBDE 1 the first time I took it. That was about a year ago and haven’t found the time to take it again. Now it’s 3rd year and WREB is right around the corner and I know I need to take NBDE again. My question is, what happens if I fail again? If I fail a second time and have to wait 6...
  8. T

    CTP "critical error"

    what would be a "critical error" that makes you fail WREB CTP immediately? I can see allergy sure, but anything else? I could justify pretty much anything medical related to cause morbidity but obviously people don't fail for missing one med...
  9. D

    WREB patient locator service recommendations- LA

    I'm taking my WREB at USC in August, and I'm looking at three different patient locator services. Lu Lau seems to be a big operation, and one of my classmates used them for his NERB in Las Vegas this year. He had a very smooth experience with them. The other two I'm looking at are Western...
  10. T

    WREB prep materials? (For computer test)

    Hello, Can anyone point me in the direction of some WREB written/computer exam materials? I've reviewed everything on WREB's website, but I'm uncertain as to how to prepare adequately for the computer test. Relatively few students at my school take the WREB. I'd really appreciate some advice!
  11. E

    June USC WREB

    Hello, I am a Canadian writing WREB at USC on June 17th - 20th. Is anyone else writing WREB at USC? I am looking for anyone writing this exam at USC (or any other places) who can help each other answering some questions. Please PM me if you are interested !