Wrking as Doctor in Germany

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Aug 31, 2012
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I am Pakistani doctor, currently working in Oman. I have graduated from Pakistan. I want to go to Germany to work as doctor. At the moment, I don't have any knowledge of German Language.

Can anyone advice me how to get started?

I want to know where I need to send my credentials for German equivalance or approval? and what are the steps after getting documents approved?

I am planning to take a year long course of German language at an institute in Berlin. I don't know if it is a good idea or not!

I will be glad if anyone can elaborate all the steps in brief.

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Hi !!

Well, i don't know that much about germany system, and i think if you search more in the forum you moght find more useful information than the one i'll give you now.. But anyway, here is what i know

first, you should be fluent in german language. As far as i know you should be at least level B2 at german. And i'm guessing you are already got a license to practice medicine in Oman , or from pakistan, however, you should also approve your license in german goverment (i don't know the name, i find german words hard to remember ) maybe they'll require to do a medical test or a period of hospital training, but i'm not sure about it... And moreover, usually you'll have to search for a job earlier before going to germany, and also apply for EU residency as you are planning of staying at europe, right ?!

As i mentined before, i don't know that much about the system there, you might find more useful info if you tried searching through the fourm (and also google might be handful too)

Good luck!!