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Jun 23, 2010
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Hey folks,

Need your advice on something. I'm an fourth year US allopathic set to graduate in May who is in the final three weeks of study for Step 2 CS, taking it three weeks from today. I did below average on Step 1 and would not mind an okay score this time around on Step 2, would like to break 235. My shelf typically ran from mid- 70s to mid 80s, with the lowest being 63 (surgery and first one) and 89 (psych). I am trying to match psychiatry at this time.

I took a different approach to studying for step 2 this time since I'm offcycle and actually had quite a bit of time since ending clinical third year and now. Basically, I went through Zanki, completely, with some outside material for about 2 month hammering home concepts. At this point now, I'm about 40% through UWorld and my scores are ranging anywhere from 75-85% on randomized 40 question blocks with a random outlier (low 60s and mid 90s) every now and then. Obviously, I realized my score is inflated because I pretty much have gone through the Zanki deck already so some of these questions are a bit of gimmies. I was wondering if anyone else has tried this technique before and how they ended up going on Step 2 CS? Truthfully, knowledge wise, I think I have learned a tremendous bunch by doing it this way. But it's a bit unnerving looking at my scores knowing I had a bit of an advantage going in to UWorld.

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