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Dec 28, 2010
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Light hearted thread. Please post any funny/interesting experiences you’re willing to share that took place during the Zoom interview season. Try to limit the name/shame unless you really feel obliged to. Doesn’t have to be limited to Zoom-exclusive incidents.

My vanilla ones:

1. Realized after the interview I had called the PD, an APDs last name the whole time. He even smiled/nodded when I greeted him and didn’t correct me.

2. A female friend of mine told me more than one guy tried messaging her friendly messages on the Zoom interview day and later looked her up on LinkedIn. I wonder if this will get more common as people get more comfortable with the virtual interview format.

3. During the virtual break out room session some interviewer got in a shouting match with the program coordinator about something to do with public transport availability. It became a 5 minute debacle and it got pretty personal with borrough stereotypes thrown around on both sides. Checked the match day Instagram feed and that guy ended up matching there. Maybe his enthusiasm for the area was appreciated.
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Sep 30, 2011
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My cat and dogs zoom bombed every single interview for our fellowship. Apparently in the feedback I was told to continue interviewing from home because the animals were a huge hit and added a personal touch to our fellowship.

OK, ya'll surgery residents want more cat butt to look at? I will deliver my homies, do not worry. Weirdos.
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Jun 18, 2020
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Not a live zoom session, but my professors have been recording their lectures in this virtual environment and one of them just got into a 10-minute convo with their boyfriend over the lecture recording. Nothing crazy, but obviously an intimate convo that burned some ears. Thankfully someone reached out to her about it so she doesn't reuse it for next year ^^'
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