2017 amcas

  1. K

    URGENT Please help. Submission issue.

    Hello, I have a question about submitting the AMCAS app packet. So I know I am submitting my application to October 15th deadline schools tonight. But I also have the schools that I want to also apply to for November and December days as well. I was wondering whether submitting the application...
  2. Y

    Applying with my first MCAT score, but have an upcoming MCAT retake in August.

    So I didn't do very well on my first MCAT attempt in January and I am retaking in August. Everyone keeps saying to apply early. If I apply before my MCAT retake will schools wait to review my application? Or will they look at it, and then take my second scores into account? I am applying to both...
  3. Nicole Kidd

    Do I wait till next year? Do I retake next week? Do I settle and apply?

    Maryland Resident. My mcat score came out and it's very bad : 506 (129 (usually 128)/123 (usually 126)/128/126 (usually 127)), my sGPA is 3.85 and my cGPA is 3.89, do I still get a chance for MD school? I have another test scheduled in a week, 6/1, do you think it's still worth to take it or...
  4. Nicole Kidd

    Will Parking Ticket Affect Going to MedSchool?

    Just got a parking ticket right in front of my house. Have been studying for MCAT without going outside of the house. In Baltimore, if you park in the same spot for over 48hrs, the neighbour will report you and the cop will chalk your tire. Should I repeal? I just moved to Baltimore and I don't...
  5. S

    Will I be late submitting AACOMAS application after June 1st?

    So I am retaking the MCAT on June 1st, and applying DO mostly (maybe 1 MD school?). I dont want to lose useful study time, so I wanted to start and finish my primaries after my exam but before the end of June. And then get my letters and secondaries in by August. I think the app opens May 1st...
  6. J

    Writing about Shadowing and Other EC's

    Hi All, I have tried searching other threads and none seem to answer my question. I have about 80 odd hours of shadowing, 5 different physicians, and I am curious about how I should write about them in my AMCAS. All under one title or separated? should I talk about the exact experience, or...
  7. A

    what are my chances 3.588/506 .list of schools included

    Albany Medical College Central Michigan University College of Medicine Cooper Medical School of Rowan University Eastern Virginia Medical School Howard University Marshall Univ Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Meharry Medical College Michigan State University Morehouse School...
  8. 7

    The score I need-MCAT 2016

    Hello future people of medicine, I thought there would be wiser and more experienced people in this pre-med journey cycle than me, so need some suggestion. I graduated undergrad and plan to apply for 2017 cycle. I took the May 14, 2016 MCAT. I didn't feel terrible or tortured by the exam as I...
  9. KPstudent

    Most Cut-Throat Medical Schools

    Hi everyone! As the 2017 AMCAS apps opened today, I'm really trying to nail down a list of where to go. My question is, what schools are the most cut-throat, which schools rank their students, etc. I am smart and went to a competitive undergraduate and do NOT want this kind of environment in...