1. koster35

    Final school list 516, 3.99 GPA

    Hi guys! I asked for help a couple of weeks ago; but I feel that I have my final list narrowed down. I am just looking for approval and/or any last minute suggestions: I am a white male graduate of Brigham Young University in Utah. I have a 516 and 3.99 GPA. I have good EC's with a few years...
  2. F

    Help with school list ---> not sure if too top heavy

  3. G

    MD & DO 509, 3.95, Rural interest, Need help cutting list down

    Hi everyone, I would appreciate comments or advice on my list. I submitted July 3 with my state school and now I'm adding the rest. I would like 20 MD and 5 DO (good numbers?). I have an interest in rural medicine, but to be honest I'm not set on any discipline. I have about 12 MD confirmed on...
  4. D


  5. BartleDoo

    MD 3.85-3.9 cGPA and sGPA, 511, CA, white - School List Help!

    Thanks for looking at this! 1. 3.85-3.9 cGPA and sGPA, no trend 2. 511 (129 C/P, 125 CARS, 128 B/B, 129 P/S) 3. CA 4. white w/ no disadvantages 5. top public school 6. Clinical: - 1000hrs ED scribe in underserved area (paid) - 40 hours visiting...
  6. D

    MD School List Help - nontrad, Wisconsin, 3.87 sGPA, 518 MCAT

    I'm a non-traditional, and I hope to apply only once. I'm constructing this school list to maximize acceptances - my secondary goal is a full or partial scholarship. Any feedback on schools with non-traditional preferences, less weight given to recent clinical experiences, or scholarship...
  7. A

    Chances for D.O.?

    Hi, could someone please tell me whether or not I got a good shot at being accepted into osteopathic schools this upcoming cycle? Biology major with Chem minor MCAT: 505 cGPA: 3.93 sGPA: 4.0 Shadowing: - 300 Hours in a fellowship with the surgery department of a nearby hospital - 20 hours...
  8. F

    How should I move forward?

    Hello and thanks for viewing my first post. I'm 19 and attend the Community College of Rhode Island with a 3.9 GPA through 3 semesters (40 credits). I got accepted into TCU for next fall as a neuroscience major, and TCU has a matriculation rate of 80% into med school. I work 30 hours a week, but...
  9. R

    School suggestions? cGPA : 3.96, sGPA : 3.95, MCAT : estimated 512-515

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for some feedback on what schools to add, remove, or swap! -Connecticut state resident, non-Ivy undergrad, no gap years, white female -cGPA : 3.96, BCPM GPA : 3.95 (both AMCAS verified) -MCAT score will be released on 7/19, but based on practice exams, estimated...
  10. K

    3.89 cGPA 3.91 sGPA 33 MCAT

  11. J

    MD 516MCAT 3.91GPA

    Hello everyone, I would like some opinions on my school list (below). I have been lurking on this forum for several years now, and I am truly grateful for the advice and foresight SDN has provided me. I now plan to apply in June of 2016, and I would like some advice on narrowing and/or...