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  1. P

    How long does verification on AACOMAS tend to take? (Early June)

    Hi Everyone, It looks like I will be ready to finalize and hit submit on my AACOMAS application tomorrow evening. Does anyone who recently submitted have any insight on how long it takes for AACOMAS to verify your application, especially in early June?
  2. P

    AACOMAS: Schools With Multiple Campuses- How to Apply?

    Hey Everyone, I have been reading many posts about schools with multiple campuses, and as the cycle nears, I wanted to connect and ask you all how applying to schools works where multiple campuses are considered. I have heard different things per school, would be curious to hear how it works...
  3. A

    Help! Incorrect transcript submitted

    It's my first time posting at SDN, and sorry if this is kinda long. I have a question regarding incorrect transcript entry on my primary application (which has been verified). One of my intro biology classes (BIOL 2) is classified under "Not applicable" when it should be "Combined Lab and...
  4. F


    Hi all, I am getting ready to submit my AACOMAS (late I know). I am still waiting on a letter from a DO who I shadowed extensively recently. However she recently had a family crisis and hasn't been getting back to me about the letter. I want to submit my app in the coming days. Is it possible...
  5. B

    Chances of Acceptance

    Good afternoon, I know my application is no longer considered early, but I wanted to ensure I still have a chance of acceptance. I am applying with a 4.0 science GPA and a 3.97 overall GPA, my MCAT score is 505 (126/126/127/126). I have 230 shadowing hours, 100 volunteer hours, created a club on...
  6. G

    AACOMAS Experiences Question

    Hello, I'm new here! I was filling out the AACOMAS activities section by translating experiences from my AMCAS app. I was wondering if anybody could lend their experience on 2 questions I had: 1. I had an entry in AMCAS called "Short-Term Collegiate Experience" which practically was a misc...
  7. F

    Resend MCAT scores?

    Hey guys. I’m reapplying for DO schools this year. I rolled over my application from last year. I did not retake my MCAT as I was happy with my first score so my MCAT score from last year is on my current DO application. Do I need to resend that same score again to AACOMAS so they can see a...
  8. LindaAccepted

    Medical What NOT to Do in the Activities Section of Your Medical School Application

    Don’t underestimate the importance of the activities section! Let’s take a look at some of the biggest mistakes to avoid in your activities section so you can make sure that you’re doing it right: Mistake #1: Providing less than 15 activities Simply submitting an application with less than the...
  9. LindaAccepted

    Medical Will Your Medical School Personal Statement Stand Out?

    Your challenge: show the admissions committee something unique about you, in just 5300 characters! Convey your passion for medicine, show what kind of person and student you are, and demonstrate what kind of physician you’ll be in the future… No big deal, right? <Gulp> Don’t worry – It’s not...
  10. Dullhead

    Application Mentor for AMCAS and AACOMAS

    Due to circumstances beyond my control, I'll be right on the edge of on-time submission for AMCAS this year. I have a July 21st MCAT date, plan to submit a mid-June AMCAS primary with a throwaway for verification, pre-write secondaries blind without an MCAT score and hope the school list...