1. Z

    Explaining a Lower Set of Grades

    This is weird, but I apply to medical school in about a year. I started medication for depression and anxiety one week before I started college. I was a 4.0 student in high school, but my medication has put me in kind of haze, and now I'm pretty average at a 3.45. I have ADD as well, but...
  2. P

    Add LOR after Primary submission?

    Hi, I know that the AMCAS only lets you edit a few things on your application after submitting. I was wondering if you are allowed to add more people onto your list of LOR after you submit? Just as an example I currently have 4 letters but am hoping to get two more from supervisors where I...
  3. K

    Dismissed from dental school-reapplying

    I was dismissed from dental school after having to repeat the first year. I believe I have grounds to fight this decision in court but am worried how it would affect my chances when reapplying. I was having difficulty during my first year academically,but was excelling in lab and clinic. I was...
  4. F

    Dental Application 2017-2018 Adder Letters of Rec Question *AFTER* submitting

    Hi SDN Community! I was wondering if anyone knows the answer to my question: Are you able to submit your letters of recommendation after you submit the dental application? Like, is there a place in the application where you can update and add new letters? I am doing my letters through...
  5. P

    Pharmacy students with Disablity

    Hey everyone, I have ADHD, in undergrad I was accommodated longer times on exams. As a pharmacy student I'm scared to speak up and say I have ADHD and need longer time or accommodation. Do they look at you different? Like who wants a pharmacy student with ADHD and future potential mistakes. Am...
  6. collectedgp

    Stimulant and admission

  7. Mason91

    AD(H)D diagnosis help

  8. Tastemyrage

    Are these schools enough?

    Hey everyone, I would like to know your opinion of whether the schools I've chosen are good enough (or are there too many reaches/gambles and not enough backups), and where I stand the best chance for an interview spot? My ego kicked up a notch after getting my DAT scores, but by no means am I...
  9. doc4kids93

    Recently diagnosed with ADD. Now what?

    I'm in my senior year of undergrad and throughout college I had been constantly struggling with being distracted. Even when I put away my electronics and only had a pen, notebook and textbook, I would daydream (sometimes for 10 minutes at a time). My friend suggested I might have ADHD (I'm also...