1. M

    LOR Dilemma - Help!

    Hi all, Hope someone can advise on this specific situation. All of my LORs have letterheads, besides one that my former post-bacc director is writing for me. Since they left the school after my completion of the program, they’re saying that they’d be happy to write it as my former...
  2. KatsuCurry

    Not listing an activity talked about heavily in PS as most meaningful?

    So I wrote about my experience working at a medical respite center for the homeless pretty extensively in my personal statement and how it made me want to study medicine. However, because I talk about it pretty in-depth in my PS, I think that the space in my most meaningful experience could be...
  3. C

    Transfer Credits?

    So I go to an ivy league but summer courses are all too expensive for me. I intend on taking college courses at Rutgers which would be much more bearable. Since I can list all college courses for AMCAS, would it be fine if I take biochemistry at Rutgers without transferring it over to my ivy...
  4. Purple&Gold7

    Thank you!

    Thank you!