Not listing an activity talked about heavily in PS as most meaningful?

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Dec 25, 2016
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So I wrote about my experience working at a medical respite center for the homeless pretty extensively in my personal statement and how it made me want to study medicine.

However, because I talk about it pretty in-depth in my PS, I think that the space in my most meaningful experience could be better used to highlight a different activity that I was involved in, rather than repeating a large amount of information or even looking at it from a slightly different lens. I want to highlight my leadership and write about my time in student government.

On the other hand, it feels strange to not talk mark the activity that has most strongly impacted my decision to study as one of my most meaningful experiences.

For additional context, I would like to highlight my time volunteering with a global health initiative, a major research experience, and my leadership experience in student government. I want to keep all three

Any advice on what I should do? Is there a consensus on if it's strange to adcoms to not mark an activity as most meaningful because it's talked about elsewhere in my primary, even though that activity is one of my three most meaningful?

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