1. F

    PreVet students, what's your class/work/experience hours schedule?

    I'm starting pre vet in the spring. A huge concern of mine is balancing work, school and getting the experience hours I need to apply to vet school. I'm nervous because it's hard to find online science classes due to labs (which are time consuming and makes it harder to work), be able to work to...
  2. F

    How many hours of experience did you have on your application for vet school?

    I currently only have 1,000 for animal experience (pet care technician for a pet hotel) and 20 from shadowing a small animal practice hospital. I know I need more hours, considering I'm about to enter college. Would my 1,000 hours of animal experience count even though it isn't veterinary...
  3. J

    Other OT-Related Information Animal Rehabilitation - OTD CCRP

    Hello, This post is intended for occupational therapists who work on rehabilitating animals and are CCRP certified. I am very interested in working with animals, but don't know if I would qualify for vet school. The thought of performing surgery and putting animals to sleep is also very...
  4. P

    Is this a good experience for my application?

    Hi, I'm new so excuse any mistakes. I recently was offered a spot as a camp counselor at an animal camp for the summer, where I can teach a class about animals and get hands-on experience with animals. I'm not sure if there is a vet on site. Does this seem like a good opportunity or should I...
  5. A

    DPT Program Without Animal Dissections

    I'm a pre-PT student, a vegan and an animal activist. I have no problems with blood and guts, but I cannot cut into the body of an animal. As a PT I am going to be working on humans, not animals, and I cannot justify mutilating animals' bodies for my education. Are there any DPT programs that...
  6. donutzebra

    Animal experimentation

    I'm planning to apply to medical school during the next application cycle (matriculation in 2018), and I was wondering whether it could possibly hurt my chances to include one of my activities involving animal experimentation. During the summer after my freshman year of college, I observed...
  7. FLVettrain

    Improve my prospect | Build Resume for Vet Tech

    Hello, I'm interested in a job opportunity as a Vet Technician. Certification isn't required here but experience is. I don't have experience yet, and it's difficult to obtain with that requirement on most posts. As some of you know I found a job opening that says willing to train but they were...
  8. itsJazz

    Human vs Animal vs Comparative A&P

    I was planning to take human A&P before taking the DAT (next cycle), but all my pre-dental peers talk about taking comparative versus regular animal physiology/vertebrate anatomy, so I can't really get much of a comparison among the three. Granted, since I'm not a biology major, human A&P is...
  9. toro2013

    How to classify reception experience?

    Hello everyone, I see conflicting answers on how to classify reception experience when applying to vet school. I've worked reception in an ER and Specialty hospital for about 2 years. Probably 2000-3000 hours. Just now I am making the switch to assistant. However, during my reception experience...
  10. T

    Large animal experience

    I am having a really hard time getting any large animal experience. What resources do I have to find these sorts of experiences. I live in Bronx, NY