anki deck

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  1. deweystrontium

    How to do Zanki Better?

    Hey all. I'm an M1 interested in maturing OG Zanki before dedicated. Currently, I've matured roughly 10% of the deck (corresponding with class units and B&B/pathoma videos I've covered). We haven't fully moved into an organ systems based curriculum yet, so I'm trying to establish disciplined...
  2. A

    Best Anki Settings?

    If there is anyone in undergrad that uses Anki, what settings do you have them under? Do you guys put a cap on your reviews? Because online and in medical school, people say they don't cap them. Want to get your perspective
  3. I

    Zanki Vs Brosencephalon

    After talking to a couple rising third year students, it has come to my attention there there is a new anki deck (zanki) competing with brosencephalon. Can anyone provide insight on to which is the better of these two decks? To those who have just taken boards, any thoughts/comments on what you...
  4. B

    Anki Content

    Hey Guys, So I've read a lot of stuff about Anki but I can't seem to find any place that addresses a few questions I have. I know how to use it and how I should write questions, but what about the material to add to it? (I'm an incoming first year medical student, sort of.) Do I make the...
  5. Kuttappan

    Were can I find Internal Medicine notes based on Harrison's textbook of Internal Medicine?

    Hey guys ,where can I find notes or anki cards or ppts made from Harrisson?For some chapters, I do want to read the things that are important in building the concepts,but due to time constraints I wont be able to read some of the chapters that I'd like to read.So if I can find some notes based...
  6. S

    First Aid 2016 Anki Decks??

    Anyone have a comprehensive anki deck for FA 2016/2017?? Please don't tell me to google- already did and it resulted in decks that were too old (2014) or those that didn't specify the edition used Thanks!!
  7. C


    I've read cliffs.. Things don't seem to stick in my brain.. I've made flash cards here n there but it takes 10x longer to get thru material like I spend more time writing flashcards than I do studying.. And literally EVERY term would need a flashcards idk how u guys do that.. As for the Anki...
  8. mOlar1!

    DAT prep material/study schedule. Any advice?

    Hello, I am new here so please pardon if I don't do or answer something the right way. I made this thread to ask if I am on the right track in terms of studying because I didn't know who to ask for guidance. Any advice or recommendation would be very helpful. Okay so I scheduled to take my DAT...
  9. VeterinaryStudentK9

    Computer Learning Resources

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone had any anki decks or specialised software that they could recommend? I see on the med student forum that they use these sort of things but haven't seen too much information about veterinary specific resources. Thanks!
  10. H

    FA 2016 rapid review anki deck

    Hello out there, Has anyone made an anki deck for FA 2016 rapid review that they would be willing to share? Many thanks!