1. S

    NC dental hygiene jurisprudence test

    I have tried to take the NC Jurisprudence Test twice now and I’ve failed it both times with a score of 19, and I need 20 to pass. I only have 1 attempt at the test left. I’ve read the laws and info they sent me to study but answers to certain questions are no where to be found on any website...
  2. miniman

    Anyone going to UNC-Charlotte this year? (Undergrad) (Fall 2017)

    Hi! I realized that UNC-Charlotte and Charlotte area is not stocked full of Pre-meds, or at least I haven't run into that many. So, I was wondering if anyone interested in Pre-med was going to UNC-Charlotte this fall semester. If so, what has your experience been like at UNC? Also, is there...
  3. FutureDoctorX-men


    Hi everyone, This is my very first time writing a thread on any online forum so please bare with me. Just a little background, I am in my 2nd year in University and I have failed 3 of my courses. They are Statistics, a Biology class, and a History class. In addition, I'm only a 'C' student...
  4. F

    Qvault question HELPP :(

    This question is really confusing, is there a mistake? I understand Down Syndrome results in an extra chromosome 21, causing those individuals to have 47 chromosomes. Although where I get confused in this question is that it is asking for SOMATIC cells, I thought somatic cells are 1-22 and 23...