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  1. YoungDaggy

    AP Course - Repeated

    I took AP chemistry in high school and got credit for it in college. However, I took CHEM 101 (its equivalent) in college anyways because I was told med schools don't really like AP credits. My transcript shows that the transfer credit was excluded and that the taken class is a repeat (and...
  2. I

    What does it mean when med schools talk about AP requirements like this?

    From Yale's website: "U.S. Advanced Placement credits from high school do not themselves satisfy premedical requirements, but advanced college, university courses or institute of technology courses (for which students are made eligible by AP credits) may be substituted for introductory-level...
  3. N

    AP Credits to Waive Math Pre-Reqs?

    Hi everyone, I want to drop a math class I am taking this semester (for personal reasons and scheduling conflicts), but I'm wondering if I even need take it next semester at all. I have AP credit from AP Stats and AP Calc AB, and I'm wondering if I can use both of those credits to satisfy the...
  4. M

    AP Credits for Bio pre reqs

    Has anyone had any experience with calling/emailing schools that say they do not accept AP credits for pre req courses on the ADEA AADSAS application? I have AP credit for bio 1 and 2 and took other upper level bio courses in college (genetics, cell bio) but I'm not sure if that isn't going to...
  5. V

    Is it required to list AP courses on AMCAS?

    I have AP courses listed on my college transcript (now I regret getting credit for them) but don't care about using it for med school prereqs. Do I need to go through the trouble of figuring out how to list them? They were courses like history with no pertinence to med school.
  6. A

    Do vet schools look at AP scores?

    I am a current senior and I recently took the AP chemistry test. My college will accept either a 4 or a 5 for the same credit, so theoretically I could get a 4 and still place into the same courses as I would with a 5. I was wondering if colleges look at AP scores that placed a student out of a...
  7. T

    AP Credit for General Physics with Physics Minor?

    Hey guys, I'm new here. Currently a junior math major, and physics/chemistry/biology minor. I took AP Physics in high school a couple years ago, and I'm just realizing now that many dental schools (including one of my top choices, UMDNJ) do not accept AP credit. It didn't occur to me that I...
  8. FosterWallace

    Need Help Deciding What to do w/ AP Credits??