apa accreditation

  1. P

    PhD/PsyD APPIC Internship Site & APA site visit

    Wondering how folks feel about applying to an internship site that states they are currently accredited until Jan 2022, and have their site visit then. They don't say anything about how long they've been accredited for, or how confident they are they will be re-accredited. I really like the...
  2. V

    Does APA accreditation matter..?

    California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) was APA accredited, but the school decided not to continue with APA. According to admissions, there were many reasons they made this decision. The primary factors are: 1) many states do not require APA for licensure, and 2) the program takes a...
  3. O

    Help comparing two psych MA/PhD programs!!

  4. M66

    APA vs. non-APA post-docs for licensure in different states?

    I will be seeking licensure as a psychologist in Texas, but I am expecting I could move anywhere in the country in the future (partner is in academia). To become licensed in different states (after having less than 5 years licensed in Texas), should I exclusively look at APA-accredited post-doc...
  5. T

    PhD/PsyD Second Doctorate

    Hey, everyone! A little bit of background: I am currently finishing my didactic phase and entering my research and dissertation next year, PhD Forensic Psychology; I expect to be finished/conferred sometime in 2019. Immediately following this, I intend to enroll in an APA-accredited PhD Clinical...
  6. April O'Neil

    Is John Jay's MA in Forensic Psych program APA accredited?

    (This is a rather long post I'm afraid, sorry. I'm just nervous and would really appreciate any advice.) Hello everyone, First, a bit of background. I completed my bachelor's in Journalism, Psychology, and English Literature from 2007-2010 at an Indian university. I then completed a Master's...