apa accreditation

  1. O

    Help comparing two psych MA/PhD programs!!

  2. M66

    APA vs. non-APA post-docs for licensure in different states?

    I will be seeking licensure as a psychologist in Texas, but I am expecting I could move anywhere in the country in the future (partner is in academia). To become licensed in different states (after having less than 5 years licensed in Texas), should I exclusively look at APA-accredited post-doc...
  3. T

    PhD/PsyD Second Doctorate

    Hey, everyone! A little bit of background: I am currently finishing my didactic phase and entering my research and dissertation next year, PhD Forensic Psychology; I expect to be finished/conferred sometime in 2019. Immediately following this, I intend to enroll in an APA-accredited PhD Clinical...
  4. April O'Neil

    Is John Jay's MA in Forensic Psych program APA accredited?

    (This is a rather long post I'm afraid, sorry. I'm just nervous and would really appreciate any advice.) Hello everyone, First, a bit of background. I completed my bachelor's in Journalism, Psychology, and English Literature from 2007-2010 at an Indian university. I then completed a Master's...