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  1. Dr.XY

    Any Advice for retaking DAT?

    I am wondering should I retake DAT for the 2021-2022 cycle? Profile: A Low DAT 18AA with a high overall GPA(3.9) and sGPA (4.0), decent background, and extracurricular volunteer and shadowing experience.
  2. B

    Reapplying to a medical school in the fall whose offer I rejected this semester?

  3. chunkyfilms

    June MCAT or later?

    I'm planning on studying from January up until the June 1st MCAT. Scores would be released on July 2nd. I think I want to give myself more time to study but I'm worried about applying too late. Would a July MCAT with an August release date be too late? Is applying in August too late? If my...
  4. D

    Please help- reapply or withdraw?

    Hi all, welcome to my first thread/post. I'm currently applying, but due to some family/life situations I had going on in the summer, my apps went out Sep-Oct. I've been lucky to get one II from a reach, but I was wondering, would it be best to withdraw from the other schools I haven't heard...
  5. S

    3.0 uGPA, 4.0 SMP GPA... June 2 vs. June 16 MCAT?

  6. D

    Letters of Recommendation HELP !

    Hello everyone, If you guys read my last post, you know I feel insecure and worried about applying to optometry school because I don't have the strongest of grades. I am asking people for letters of recombination, but I am having a tough time. I asked my Developmental Psychology Professor...
  7. B

    Mcat score of 496

    Hello, I recently received my March MCAT scores and scored a 496. I did not get to study very much at all due to a death in my family that set my studying back. I have a 4.0 science and regular GPA, as well as 200+ shadowing hours. I volunteer in the ER department and started my own club on...
  8. shellsterpie

    Secondary/Supplemental App Confusion

    I am a bit confused about the supplemental application process and had a few questions! 1) I am submitting my AADSAS within the next day, but am I allowed to submit it without completing the "Program Materials" quadrant? Some of the schools' pages on AADSAS have a question section such as "Why...
  9. Y

    Apply Early with bad DAT or Late with Updated DAT

    Really need help making this decision! I have my AADSAS application finished and ready to send out, but I'm sending it with a low DAT score. I'm retaking it in mid July and was wondering if I should send my application now or wait until the new updated score. Please weigh in on what I should do...
  10. moxymed