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  1. LindaAccepted

    Medical Medical School Admissions: Why Applying in June is Critical

    When you have spent years preparing to apply to medical school, the last thing you want to do is jeopardize your chances of acceptance. One way to reduce your chances of getting admitted is to apply late. 3 reasons applying late can hurt you Rolling admissions is based on the concept of first...
  2. chunkyfilms

    June MCAT or later?

    I'm planning on studying from January up until the June 1st MCAT. Scores would be released on July 2nd. I think I want to give myself more time to study but I'm worried about applying too late. Would a July MCAT with an August release date be too late? Is applying in August too late? If my...
  3. D

    Please help- reapply or withdraw?

    Hi all, welcome to my first thread/post. I'm currently applying, but due to some family/life situations I had going on in the summer, my apps went out Sep-Oct. I've been lucky to get one II from a reach, but I was wondering, would it be best to withdraw from the other schools I haven't heard...
  4. R

    Should I apply this cycle?

    I have a 3.557 gpa and am majoring in health science and minoring in chemistry and biology 3.43 sgpa. 250 shadowing hours worked 2 part jobs since sophomore year and one part time job since freshman year. 500 hours of commmunity service. taken microbiology (A), genetics (B) animal...
  5. B

    Mcat score of 496

    Hello, I recently received my March MCAT scores and scored a 496. I did not get to study very much at all due to a death in my family that set my studying back. I have a 4.0 science and regular GPA, as well as 200+ shadowing hours. I volunteer in the ER department and started my own club on...
  6. Z

    Is it too late for me to apply this cycle???

    Hello! So basically I am hoping to apply to both M.D. and D.O. schools this summer, but I was just wondering if I could get some advice/insight on the timeline of my application. So some background: I just recently graduated this May with a degree in cell biology and neuroscience and a minor...
  7. Y

    Apply Early with bad DAT or Late with Updated DAT

    Really need help making this decision! I have my AADSAS application finished and ready to send out, but I'm sending it with a low DAT score. I'm retaking it in mid July and was wondering if I should send my application now or wait until the new updated score. Please weigh in on what I should do...
  8. Z

    Should I Continue Applying? 0

    Hi all! I am currently applying this cycle to DO schools. However, I was planning on taking my MCAT again in January (missed the last 2016 MCAT date... long story). Should I... A) just report my current score (currently my app says that I am planning on taking MCAT exam in the future). B)...
  9. B

    3.6 uGPA 3.54 sGPA 503 MCAT

    I am a rising senior with a 3.6 uGPA, 3.54 sGPA I also suffered poor grades my sophomore year first semester, but since then, it has been an upward trend. 503 MCAT: C/P 126, CARS 126, Bio 124, P/S 127 EC: vice president of health org, active member of a 5013c, president of religious group...
  10. moxymed