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Oct 18, 2016
Hi all!

I am currently applying this cycle to DO schools. However, I was planning on taking my MCAT again in January (missed the last 2016 MCAT date... long story). Should I...

A) just report my current score (currently my app says that I am planning on taking MCAT exam in the future).
B) retake my MCAT in January and hope schools interview me
C) drop out this cycle and apply next year

A little bit about myself:

Undergrad GPA: 3.1
MPH GPA: 3.8
MCAT: 499
- Over 500+ hours volunteering in the hospital
- Worked as a medical scribe
- Went on medical mission trip
- Research: 4 years with 5 publications and 2 presentations and 2 Fellowships
- Interned at community based organization
- Held leadership position for two years (board member and then president) on student-run community service club
- Held leadership position at hospital internship for 3 years
- Worked part-time in undergrad (retail)
- Shadowed DO Doctor (got letter from the doctor)

Because my application isn't "complete" cus I haven't sent in a new score, it's not being reviewed yet. So no interview invites. I feel like I have some strong extracurriculars and strong letters of rec.

What do y'all suggest?

Thank you!
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