1. R

    Neuropsychology - Braincheck thoughts?

    As NP trainee, I'm all for efficiency and using technology for our assessments - if they're reliable and valid. https://braincheck.com ..however, it's concerning that programs like Braincheck don't seem to have any neuropsychologists or psychologists on their team. Also, while I didn't yet...
  2. H

    ePortfolios & assessment of surgical skills

    Good day! I'm researching ePortfolio usage among surgical residents across the world (as part of a thesis project). And following are questions which some of you may have insight on. The topic is "Application of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) in Digital Portfolios"... But any insight on...
  3. B

    (R-PAS) Rorschach Performance Assessment System for Sale

    Selling for $80. The manual is for sale and goes for $100 or more typically brand new online. This is used and has some high lights and underlined parts. Please ask any questions.
  4. D

    USMLE Advise and Feedback please..

    Hey guys, i'm finishing first pass of uworld, i'm quite stressed out my stats: -74% correct -77th percentile @95% completed other assessments: first 3 NBMEs offline max 20 mistakes aim: 250s i'm considering taking UWSA1 right after finishing UWORLD plus reviewing mistakes and focusing on...
  5. jigglyboo

    What CV risk calculator do you use in practice?

    Hi all! I'm gathering data for my research poster project about what current providers are using to calculate ASCVD risk - ACC/AHA 10yr ASCVD, LDL, Framingham risk score or others. Which do you use? This is not to conclude to any debate. This is mainly to determine what current providers are...
  6. H

    Adc australian exam 2017

    Hey doctors iam palestinian live in ksa .. i want to practis dentistry in australia .. i contact adc and they want license and that what i can offer .. so i want to know if there is any way without licens .. And if i can use temporary licens i used for 3 years from.now in egyptian fellow ?
  7. foreverbull

    Commonly-Offered Test Batteries for Private Practice?

    For those of you who provide psychological testing (private practice or otherwise), what kind of batteries do you offer and how did you decide on the tests that comprise them? I know there are lots of neurospsych folks out there who do neuropsych testing, but I'm curious about the testing that...
  8. psychgal

    For Sale The Wechsler Individual Achievement Test 2nd edition (WIAT-II)

    This auction if for a complete Wechsler Individual Achievement Test 2nd edition (WIAT-II) . Record Forms Included. Must provide Proof of Licensure or Graduate student training in doctoral level psychological assessment. $175.00 or best offer. Thanks
  9. psychgal

    For Sale Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale III and Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children III

    Two separate sets- The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale 3rd edition (WAIS-III) and The Wechsler Intelligence Scales for Children 3rd Edition (WISC-III). Both are complete and include record Forms as well as carrying cases. $275 each or best offer. Thanks! Proof of Graduate student status ( with...
  10. D

    WAIS-III for Sale

    Good afternoon everyone! I have a gently used WAIS-III Kit for sale. The kit is in Like New condition and is complete. Kit includes all manuals, subtest materials, response forms, and scoring sheets. I will accept any reasonable offer. Please email me at [email protected] for further...
  11. K

    Coursework & Fieldwork Kitchen/Meal Prep assessment

    hi everyone, i was hoping some of you would be able to assist me. i am having difficulty finding an assessment that would identify a patients functional ability within the kitchen or preparing a meal. At the moment i can only find ones related to cognition and process skills, but i would like a...
  12. D

    PhD/PsyD Assessments to Get for New Practice

    I am in a position where I am developing a new rural integrated health program where I will be doing both therapy and assessment. I have access to a grant that will basically pay an unlimited amount for whatever assessment materials I need, so I am currently compiling a list of what assessments...
  13. Linus van Pelt

    WANTED: 2015 AAP PREP Self-Assessment Book

    Unfortunately, only the online version of the PREP questions are subsidized for residents now. I would like to have a paper copy but I'm not willing to shell out the $150 the AAP charges for members to purchase. Does anyone have a copy they'd be willing to sell for less than that?
  14. Adie8080

    PhD/PsyD Ordering WJ IV vs. WIAT III

    My practicum site is trying to figure out the expense of ordering the latest version of the Woodcock Johnson vs. ordering the WIAT III. There are multiple examiners at my site and we're all a bit confused as to how the pricing break down works in regards to price per protocol, free scoring...