1. A

    Associate or Ownership - Free Dental Web Resources for Both - Updated 2023

    Here are some great e-resources that compile the most up-to-date information in dentistry sent directly to your email inbox. The great thing is they are all absolutely free with no spamming. FYI - I am a subscriber myself. It's great info and worth passing on. Clinch...
  2. H

    D4s and recent grads what compensation have you been offered right out of school?

    I have what I think is a good contract from a dentist in PNW metro area private practice for 650$ daily minimum or 30% collections whichever is higher. I don't have to pay lab fees, no PTO, CE is covered, will probably work five days a week most weeks, and a very fair non compete clause. Just...
  3. D

    Is it possible to work for a corp or private office 3 days a week?

    I was looking to work essentially 3 days on 4 days off. Is this possible? Could I possibly do 3 10-12 hour shifts as a dentist working for a corp or private office as an associate? Is this something that needs to be negotiated? If you have personal experiences with this please let me know!
  4. D

    What are some rural places in the country where I could associate?

    What are some rural places where associates make substantially more money? How much could I expect to make as a new grad working as an associate in a rural area? Any rural places in Florida? Trying to pay off $300K FAST
  5. T


    Hey all! Half rant and half seeking advice here. So. Somewhat recent grad here working in a low stress gig at the time doing operatives only during these crazy times. Initially I took this gig since there weren't a lot of opportunities at the time when COVID broke out early last year so I took...
  6. bentley13

    Lab Fees and Income Structure as Associate

    Hi SDN! I’ve been offered a couple associate contracts and both have indicated that I would be responsible for 100% of lab fees. Is this standard? It seems odd to me that this expense would fall on the associate. Obviously a lot of whether this is fair to the associate or not depends on how...
  7. T

    Redoing work by other associates

    Just wanted to get some thoughts on this. I’ve been an associate at my current office for 3 years (pedo mostly) and there seems to be a good amount of turnover of doctors. (I’ve worked with a total of 10 associates.) some of their work hasn’t been too great. Usually we just have a policy of...
  8. D

    ended associateship and not getting paid collections that haven't come in

    What is the normal way to handle payments after you stop working at office that paid you on collections once a month? My boss told me he is only going to pay me on collections till the last day I worked. There is close to 40k in collections that have not come in yet on work that I have done...
  9. N

    Pay based on % collections

    Hello, I would like some clarification on pay based on % collections... I am getting paid on % of collections and I'm not understanding the day sheet. If I produced $3000 for the day, I see that collections is reported to be only $60 for that day. My employer claims that the...
  10. SparDent

    GPR/AEGD vs Associate position

    I am currently a D3 at a dental school in New York state. I am from out of state and do not plan on staying in new york so a PGY1 is not required. I also do not have family in dentistry and am planning on practicing away from my home town. The culture at my school seems to bias toward sending...
  11. T

    General dentist job opertunity

    My wife and I are general dentists. We graduated from LLUSD in 2010. We have a growing general dentistry practice north of Seattle, Wa. We are looking for an associate who would like to become a partner. Full time position. You can learn more about our practice at our website...
  12. udba

    Dentist Associates Needed in Pittsburgh, PA

    Two full time or part time dentists needed - minimum 3 days a week. One needed for the Greensburg, PA area and one needed in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh, PA. Competitive salary and benefits. Please let me know if you or someone you know may have an interest. You can reach me at...
  13. W

    Signing a new job contract

    A few questions... I was offered a job that has a one year contract. Has anyone had a lawyer look over it for them or did they just sign it? Also, anyone have an idea on what the average discount is for services for an associate veterinarian? My contract says 20% off. I can't imagine having to...
  14. D

    Biology to DH to Dental school?

    Okay, so I have been dealing with a bit of a problem these last few months. I'm currently enrolled in a four year school as a biology major, having most of my general education requirements and basic science courses (Bio, Gen Chem) out of the way. I'm now going into my Sophomore year at the...
  15. P

    What to do with associates in biology?

    So I'm in community college right now and I'm a bio major. After I get my associates I'm gonna transfer to a 4-year and get my bachelors in Biology as well. I of course plan on going to med school, but in the mean time after I get my associates what are some jobs that I could look for with that...
  16. G

    Associate dentist position in SC/NC

    Associate Position with Partnership Potential (Five Days Per Week) This is a busy practice with a well-earned reputation for providing high quality dentistry to patients (PPO/Cash only). The owner is expanding the existing clinic and plan to open one more location within 20 mile radius. We need...