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    DPT 2022 cycle

    Hey guys, This is my first time applying to DPT programs and I have been through the wringer to get to this point. I graduated with a BS in Kinesiology in 2018, but with pretty low cumulative GPA . So, for the last 3 years I have retaken a bunch of courses and prerequisites I didn’t do well on...
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    AT Still Vs. USA (San Marcos)

    Hi everyone! Recently got accepted to AT Still and don't know if I should go to there or USA - San Marcos. I currently live in SD and would be paying about the same for rent here vs. Arizona because of my current living situation. It's about a 13k difference for tuition, but because I graduate...
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    A.T Still vs. University of St. Augustine (San Marcos)

    Hi everyone! I recently got off the waitlist for AT Still and am torn about where to go. I currently live in San Diego and will be moving into an apartment with my boyfriend if I stay in SD. It'll be ~$700-750 for rent. If I go to Arizona I'm assuming I'll be paying ~ $600-750 on rent (really...
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    ATSU SOMA - Clinical Site Selection

    Wondering if there are any current students or others that could provide some input on selection a CHC for clinical years. I'm from the East coast but I am willing to relocate so I would love to hear from current students that could talk about how they chose their site. Beyond that, anything...
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    Invitations to interview - 2017

    I sent in my applications at the end of August/beginning of September (Usci, Emory & Henry, Rutgers south, creighton, Puget Sound, university of arkansas medical sciences, NYIT, marymount university, franklin pierce, kean, gannon, AT stills, Murphy deming, hampton) and so far I have received...
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    Hello! I'm looking into online MPH programs (working full-time so it'd be more convenient). I'm considering applying to AT Still University but can't seem to find too much info about the program from previos students. Does anyone know of someone who went here?Or does anyone have personal...
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    ATSU-SOMA Study Schedule

    For those familiar with the 1+3 curriculum at ATSU-SOMA, care to share your study methods? A previous student told me that for second year "All of the lectures during second year will be taught by faculty, but uploaded as videos with corresponding powerpoints online" Seems like a lot of...
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    AT Still Vs. Sacramento State

    Is there anyone out there that has any information/advice about either of these schools? I'm trying to make the best decision for myself and get as much information as possible. Thanks!!
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    ASTU - DPT Interview 2015

    Hi, I am just wondering has anyone heard back from this school for interviews? From what I have heard, they are currently interviewing early acceptance students first? Also, if you have interviewed with them, what were your prerequisite information? Thank you! University: Major: Overall...