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Apr 3, 2017
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I got a lot of hope from reading other journeys similar to mine while I was in the process so I thought I'd share! I was *finally* accepted to dental school this cycle!

About me: Non traditional (I graduated with my Neuro degree in 2015) took the rest of my pre-reqs at both a community college and my local university. My GPA was on the lower end (3.25) and my total science was about 3.15. I actually applied for medical school and took the MCAT in 2017 (I did not get in), but after realizing that dentistry was a much better fit I decided to apply. I knew my stats were low so I took a few more science classes online while working full time and got my GPA up to 3.28 with science of 3.20.

I applied twice (2020 and 2021) and took the DAT twice. The first time I got an AA of 18 (PAT 17, QR 17, RC 20, BIO 16, GC 17, OCHEM 18). The second time I STILL got an AA of 18 (I remember feeling so discouraged with this) but most of my individual scores raised (PAT 19, QR 19, RC 18, BIO 19, GC 18, OCHEM 18).

I have a lot of volunteer experience with weekly phone counseling at crisis line, beach cleanups, and volunteering at dental clinics (I think it totaled 600 hours). I have also worked at the front office of a dental clinic for 3 years and worked as an assistant for about 2.5 years. I have immersed myself in the field as much as possible and have gone to dental conventions/continuing education courses when I can. I shadowed an oral surgeon, neurosurgeon, and 3 general dentists.

I remember that hopeless feeling when I was first applying. I failed ochem one quarter and got lower grades in physics. I struggled after my undergraduate degree to find my path. I took the time to make sure that dentistry was the best fit for me career wise (especially after deciding against medical school) but was devastated when I applied the first cycle and got no interviews. I was actually accepted to pharmacy school through one of the dental schools (has this happened to anyone else?) and it boosted my confidence, but I knew that I had to re-apply because dentistry was what I felt most passionate about. I remember working SO hard to work full time and re-take some classes without really knowing if it would pay off.

This year I re-applied early to 11 schools and received 4 interviews (ASDOH, Western U, California Northstate, and Midwestern in Chicago). I was accepted to ASODH and Western U and waitlisted at Midwestern this December. I still haven't heard back from California Northstate. I just put my deposit down on ASDOH and it finally feels like it's all paying off. If you feel hopeless please don't give up, I truly believe that you'll get there if you want it enough! I was told I needed to get my masters by multiple schools to raise my stats, but decided against it due to cost and burnout. I am so glad I listened to myself with that. If anyone has any questions feel free to message me. I know I'm technically "older" going into school (I'm 29) but I know that this career is what I want the most. Sorry this is a novel but I just remember that these kinds of posts really motivated me when I felt so discouraged. If I can do it, you can too :)

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A great read! Glad you listened to your instincts and made the best decision for yourself. I’ve heard of getting offers to attend their masters programs in place of dental school to boost their GPA but not pharmacy.

All in all, congrats!
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Congrats! My cGPA and sGPA (before your increase) were around the same when I applied this year. Taking the DAT twice is brutal but at least you had the drive to do it and finish it.
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Thank you for posting this! That is an excellent achievement and an inspiring post:)