1. C

    Urgent: ATSU-KCOM vs. CCOM

    I need help deciding which school to pay my deposit to (by this week haha). I would chose CCOM in a heartbeat if it weren’t so expensive, but it might be worth it if CCOM could ultimately help me match into a more competitive residency. KCOM PROS -lower tuition and rent -oldest DO school...
  2. D

    A.T Still vs. University of St. Augustine (San Marcos)

    Hi everyone! I recently got off the waitlist for AT Still and am torn about where to go. I currently live in San Diego and will be moving into an apartment with my boyfriend if I stay in SD. It'll be ~$700-750 for rent. If I go to Arizona I'm assuming I'll be paying ~ $600-750 on rent (really...
  3. reesetee

    How many AT Still applicant apply early decision??

    Anyone know how many students apply early decision for ATSU and how many usually get accepted each year? Either campus is fine.
  4. Saleemrodman1

    Does the school have dining options? (ATSU-SOMA)

    Hello, I am thinking about matriculating at ATSU-SOMA (Mesa,AZ), but I am looking at every possible way to compare this school with some of my other potential schools. In terms of dining, is there a dining hall on campus? If not, are there dining halls in the Dental buildings/other buildings...
  5. S


    VCOM - CC + Cheaper tuition ~$45,500 + Less moving throughout medical school + Clinical experiences every Friday + Clinical years spent in hospitals + 100% Match rate + Cheap cost of living - Mandatory lecture attendance - Letter grading system - Far away from home ATSU - SOMA + I'm from...
  6. I'm_a_dogtor


    Hello potential readers for this thread! I have been submitting secondaries (typically within a week of receiving) and was wondering when interviews usually begin to be scheduled for the following schools: DMU, ATSU (KCOM AND SOMA), AZCOM, CCOM, HCOM, NOVA, PNWU-COM, PCOM, RVU-COM, UNE-COM. I...
  7. abtazz12

    Must submit 7th letter of recommendation!

    Hey all, So I recently shadowed another DO (already have a LOR from one; already included and submitted with my AACOMAS application) and he is more than willing to write me a letter. The problem is that AACOMAS only allows 6 letters to be submitted, which I already have. The shadowing went...
  8. Avicenna144


    Hello all, I was wondering if there are any current/future ATSU-SOMA students who can answer some of my question regarding application requirements? P.S.: I am applying upcoming cycle. Thanks Edit: I was almost going to sleep when I wrote that post, what I really meant is that I wanted to...
  9. HopefulDoc91

    Decision about applying to ATSU

    I am trying to decide if I should complete the secondary for ATSU-AZ. After doing more research I don't feel I would thrive with their unique 1+3 model. I think the traditional 2+2 model would be better for me. I'm also not keen on only spending the 1st year on campus and then having no idea...
  10. L

    WesternU COMP-NW vs ATSU

    Hello! I have been fortunate enough to have been accepted to both ATSU SOMA and COMP-Northwest, both really good schools. I have seen other posts about these two schools, but some ended up getting off topic and didn't address some questions that I have. Please let me know your thoughts! I...
  11. S

    Renting Rooms For Rent Gilbert, AZ (Walking Distance to ATSU Mesa)

    Hello All, Recently leased a house in Gilbert (Recker rd and Guadalupe Rd) which is extremely close to ATSU in Mesa. I am a student at Chandler-Gilbert Community College who also works full time. I had another roommate who backed out last minute so now looking to rent out two rooms. 2000 Sq...
  12. D


    Hi everyone, I have to ask you for some advice. So I've been accepted to VCOM-South Carolina and ATSU KCOM in Kirksville. I need to decide by this Friday between these two schools, and was hoping you had some advice or have heard a little bit about these schools. I loved so many things about...
  13. P

    AT Still vs. California state university sacramento

    Having a hard time choosing between these schools :/ any advice would be much appreciated. Sac is closest to home but I'll be paying out of state tuition so it'll actually be slightly more tuition than Arizona. Help!!
  14. D

    ASTU - DPT Interview 2015

    Hi, I am just wondering has anyone heard back from this school for interviews? From what I have heard, they are currently interviewing early acceptance students first? Also, if you have interviewed with them, what were your prerequisite information? Thank you! University: Major: Overall...