1. sss1219

    2021-2022 PM&R Away Rotations

    Figured we could use a place to discuss how applications have been faring for everyone this year Anyone been lucky enough to snag a spot anywhere?
  2. Asclepius293

    Matching out of State

    Hey all! Current third year student with an interest in family medicine. I'm really hoping to match out of state and was wondering if anyone had any tips on that or insight into whether that's more difficult to do in family medicine. Ideally, I'm hoping for Colorado or New Mexico area since my...
  3. pandadawn

    What Gen-Surg Away Rotations Did You LOVE?

    Trying to narrow down which programs would be best to do an away at. Leaning east coast, open to anywhere, thinking community based. I'm at an institution that highly recommends that we do 2+ away rotations, so please no "aways aren't beneficial" replies.
  4. DrLefty

    USF-Morsani PM&R Rotation

    I'm looking at USF as a potential residency location for PM&R, I'd like to do an away rotation there to try and up my chances, but I can't seem to find out if/which rotation is the best one for that. I found MEL 8359 - Intro to Physical Med & Rehab, Neurology on VSAS says that it's...
  5. S

    Advice about Ophthalmology Electives

    Hi Everyone, I have seen some threads in which people provide really specific advice about residency applications, interviews, etc. Since many students applying to the match this year will be starting their away and home program ophthalmology electives soon, I wanted to try to create an...
  6. Y

    Away rotations

    So lately I have been hearing a lot of people say that one thing that you need to match on competitive residencies (like ortho) is "strong away rotations". What makes an away rotation "strong"? Also, will it have some effect if it is made at another school in my state vs if I go to another state...
  7. B

    Thoughts on Away rotations?

    You guys have been awesome in answering my questions and as I am making my schedule a large one remains: Away rotations. I go to school in the east but I am from the Midwest. My goal is to eventually end up in Texas/California because I have friends/family there. I was originally thinking...
  8. scruffy821

    When your school releases your VSAS application late...

    Sad warning to my fellow M3s applying for aways: At my med school, we have to email our registrar's office every time we submit a VSAS application to ask them to release it. I applied for one of rotations the minute that VSAS opened and listed two dates for that elective -- emailed my school...
  9. S

    Away rotations for PRS 2015-2016

    Hey Y'all, hab38 posted an awesome spreadsheet last year about feedback from away rotations at integrated PRS residency programs. Will people please post their experiences from the 2015-2016 away rotations? And how they made their decisions on which programs to do their away rotations at...