1. Miles204278

    blacking out b/cause of blood

    Vasovagal syncope runs in my family and i want to be a doctor, yesterday i blacked out for the first time from it because i was having my blood drawn. I've been around blood a lot but never blacked out from someone else's, would i still be able to become a doctor or would it impede my chances...
  2. Akam ahz

    Characteristics of different types of hypoxia

    Hello, My text book shows this diagram to explain characteristics of different types of hypoxia. Arrows directed downward indicate a decrease and the arrows directed upwards indicate an elevation. I know what each type is, but I don’t understand the above table. I can’t get an explanation of...
  3. Akam ahz

    Erythropoietin and mRNA synthesis

    Hello, My text book says that “Erythropoietin increases all steps of erythropoisis as it stimulates mRNA synthesis” I don’t get how the EPO increases mRNA synthesis in RBCs. The book doesn’t give further explanations, could anyone help me, please?
  4. Akam ahz

    Duration of Dicumarol is orally?!!!

    In my physiology book there is a comparison between heparin and dicumarol, which goes like this: The duration of the Dicumarol written is "Orally"!!! is this a typo or something I don't know?? please tell me!
  5. Akam ahz

    Alkalosis and erythropoietin

    Hello, My physiology book says that alkalosis stimulates secretion of erythropoietin. But I don't understand how? And google searches are complex, could someone explain that mechanism for me simply? Thanks!
  6. Akam ahz

    Hemoglobin as a buffer

    I came across this passage in my text book, it says: "Hemoglobin is an important buffer. It has 6 times more buffering power than plasma proteins. Therefore, it can buffer H+ inside RBCs (They are formed during CO2 Transport) and can carry CO2 with minimal change in pH. Hemoglobin carrying CO2...
  7. Akam ahz

    Heart failure and hypoxia

    Hi again! I read that heart failure results in Hypoxia due to decreases blood flow in peripheral vessels. I don't understand the sentence above, could someone explain it for me simply as I'm new to physiology and Google searches are complex. Thanks in advance!
  8. Akam ahz

    Hemoglobin and Red Blood Corpuscles

    Hi, My physiology book says that The count of RBCs in newborn infants is higher than that of the adults. Also, the Hb% in newborns is 19 g/dl while in adults is 15-16 g/dl. I don't understand the reason why children have to have much more RBCs and Hemoglobin than adults, so an explanation...
  9. T

    Laboratory work on mouse jaws

    Hello! I'm currently doing a Master in Biomedicine, and a pair project came up where I have to come up with my own laboratory method. I'm struggling to find any information regarding this particular topic. I'm looking for any suggestions and tips. My question is: How to isolate embryonic...
  10. B

    In Cork: Need Nurse/Phlebotomist/Doctor to take blood for a few hours

    Looking for a Nurse, Phlebotomist or Doctor or anyone with appropriate training to take blood for a few hours one or two mornings in CORK. We are doing blood tests with a small group of people looking for hormonal response over a 2-3 hour period. Good pay. You should have proper...
  11. neva525

    Why is there a difference between hemoglobin levels in men and women?

    That is, why do men have higher hemoglobin levels in comparison to women? What could be the reason for that? It's really important, thank you.
  12. Lost in Translation

    Halyard Health MICROCOOL gowns under (more) fire.

    Not sure where this belongs. Sure as hell isn't a Lounge topic. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/60-minutes-investigates-medical-gear-sold-during-ebola-crisis/ Stay safe out there folks.