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    NAPLEX, ATT, Residency

    If I get my official transcripts with degree proof by July 1 2019 (that's when my school can provide them), apply to a certain state board of pharmacy to get the ATT then do the NAPLEX exam, will I be able to be licensed on time for residency in the state? Usually residencies start end June or...
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    NAPLEX, ATT, residency start date! URGENT

    Urgent question here! I am applying to PGY1 residency programs in the US, however I do not live in the US. I live in Lebanon and did my pharmD there. I am American hence applying to the programs that start in July. The problem is that my school of pharmacy graduation is on July 19 unlike the US...
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    help - ca bop customer complaint

    A patient filed a complaint on me saying that his there was 2 different medications in his rx bottle. I honestly think it is not my mistake but patient probably mixed them up himself. Both meds are filled by the machine and controlled inventory count was spot on. Anyhow, I sent bop my...