1. S_mitchh

    BCPS Spring 2023 Exam Suggestions

    I’ve decided that I want to pursue becoming BCPS certified. For those that have taken it, I have a couple questions for you to decide the best way to study for it: 1) On a scale of 1-10, how hard is it? 2) What areas did you focus on the most and the least? 3) After the exam, what areas do you...
  2. RxEvileye

    BPS Exam Results Release Date History Thread

    I see many posts over the years and in various threads asking when the Board of Pharmacy Specialties releases their exam results. I thought I would make this as more of a "master thread" to help prevent people from having to call BPS to ask, and as a place for general discussion about test...
  3. K


    Just got my email from BPS, I passed my BCACP exam!! Good luck to everyone!!
  4. T

    How Many People pass Board Certification on First Attempt

    Based on published results, typically more people pass recertification exam than the initial board certification exam. This makes sense given that they have seen exam material before and presumably have more experience. Anedotally, it also seems people who sadly don't pass on their first attempt...
  5. 9

    BCGP Fall 2018 Candidates

    Anyone else taking the BCGP exam? Looking for advice, recent study material, and study friends. I'm willing to do brunch study sessions :)
  6. 9

    How I Passed the BCPS Exam

    I got a lot of questions regarding how I did on the exam, request for pointers, and what material I used to review. So here is my tell all on how I passed. For reference, I did decent with a passing score in the low 600s. Material I used to study for the 2018 Spring BCPS exam: 2018 ACCP...
  7. P

    2018 ACCP BCPPS study material

    Selling ACCP BCPPS study material for $100. PM if interested.
  8. Paxil_Rose

    BCGP/CCGP 2017

    Has anyone taken the geriatric certification recently? Or found a good resource to use for this test? I keep reading the ASCP is not very helpful.
  9. P

    Selling BCACP study material

    I'm selling the materials I used to study for the BCACP exam. It is the 2015 ACCP workbook pdf's and 2013 and 2015 ASHP practice exams with answers and explanations. It's a lot cheaper than I paid for it and they were more than enough help to pass the exam this year on the first try. Let me know...
  10. M

    Wanted: BCPS study material (ACCP Updates in Therapeutics)

    Looking for ACCP Updates in Therapeutics, preferably 2014 or 2015. Open to pdf or book depending on price. Message me if you want to sell. Thanks!