1. D


    Hello! I'm a current MMS student and most likely going to go the LECOM-B next year, because of the conditional acceptance that's tied into the masters. Just to clarify the 3rd year the school sets up your rotations for you and they are going to be your core rotations. 4th year you pick elective...
  2. Stanelz

    *** The Official LECOM Class of 2023 Interview/Acceptance Thread ***

    Hey guys it's that time again! To everyone applying to LECOM, good luck and I'll see you guys on the interview trail! LECOM begins interviewing in July* and conducts most of their interviews from September through January with smaller waves from January through March Acceptances typically go...
  3. O

    Lecom Erie and Bradenton Interview

    Anyone have interviews here and mind sharing the interview process and the questions they ask?
  4. abtazz12

    DO What are my chances for LECOM-B, and how can I improve them?

    Hello everyone, these are my stats: B.S Integrative Animal Biology (2016) Minor: Chemistry GPA: 3.63 MCAT: 498 (second attempt); 493 first. Volunteering: >200 Florida resident I am also about to graduate from a medical assisting program. I did this in hopes of gaining more direct patient care...
  5. Dockt0rOktopusz

    LECOM Bradenton vs TouroCOM Middletown? Urgent! Deadline Tomorrow

    Hey everybody, I've been an long time on/off lurker here but I need your help and wasn't sure who else to turn to, this late in the game! I've been accepted at TouroCOM Middletown (I was part of their master's/postbacc program) and even put in the deposit. However, I just got off the wait list...
  6. Papa Oso

    LECOM-B 3rd/4th year students and graduates. Question about rotations.

    Hey guys! I recently interviewed at the school and was thoroughly impressed! I couldn't find any recent thread on the subject so I made a new one here. Can anyone comment on their experiences with rotations? I've heard some mixed reviews and would appreciate more input before I make up my mind...
  7. surgeryDO

    LECOM Master of Medical Science, Bradenton

    LECOM Bradenton is rolling out a one year, 38 credit, Master of Medical Science program with the first class to start in June. On their website it states "Students who successfully complete the MMS program and apply to LECOM through the channels appropriate to their area of interest (medicine...