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    MD Bs/md questions

    Hello. I am a rising senior at high school. I am an international student and came to United States in middle school. My English is pretty fluent. I’ve been doing shadowing, laboratory researches, volunteers and many other EC’s at my high school. My gpa is around 4.1 weighted(until junior) and...
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    My chances at Howard BS/MD

    So I plan on becoming a doctor and it is not likely that my career choice will change. At my high school, you can take more classes in the school year than the other high schools in the area. So much so, that as a junior, I would have taken the same amount of classes as a senior in a nearby high...
  4. B

    Penn State BS/MD (PMM) v. OU BS/MD (MHSP)

    I am deciding between Penn State's and SKMC's (Jefferson University's) 7 Year BS/MD program and Oklahoma University's 7 Year BS/MD program. Some factors I am considering are: - Fit: OU is extremely conservative, and I am afraid I will not fit in such an environment. Pennsylvania and Philly are...
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    need some serious advice!!!

    I am currently waiting to hear from public 4-year institutions in my state. According to my state, as long as your GPA is a 2.0 or above and a min. amount of credits have been met- you can successfully transfer. Upon calculating what classes transfer, I am about halfway through a BS in Psych at...
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    **closed**What class should I take sophomore year HS?

  7. B

    7 year medical program vs. normal undergraduate?

    Hi guys! This is my first post here. Basically, I'm a senior in high school trying to decide where to go next year (down to the wire, I know haha). My options are TCNJ/NJMS 7 year program, Washington and Lee, or Tulane. I got scholarships at all of these schools, so cost is not really a factor...
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    Please chance me for BS/MD programs

    Hey all, I'm looking at some upper-mid tier BS/MD schools like: - UMKC - VCU - Baylor - Hobart & William Smith - GWU - etc Stats: Race- Asian School Type- Private Catholic UW GPA- 3.7 (All A's except in theology) GPA subject to change | 3.86 so far this year ACT- 36 English, 33 Math, 32...
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    Medical ECs and UConn BS/MD

    Hi SDN I'm a soon-to-be-senior at high school in CT. I've been thinking about applying to UConn's SPiM (BS/MD) program, but I have some questions. First off, the medical ECs. My grades and test scores are great, but I'm stuck on the medical ECs. I know they are pretty much mandatory. I was set...
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    Is anybody willing to read my BS/MD Essay (Penn State/Jefferson)

    Please let me know ASAP. I am a long time lurker and I know members of this forum will be able to critique my essay.