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  1. N

    Green card requirements

    Hello, I am a Canadian citizen completing my undergraduate degree this year in Canada and subsequently starting my post-bacc in Canada next year but I received my green card in 2018. Is there a requirement to live in a certain state for a certain amount of time prior to applying or to complete...
  2. P

    Canadian citizen IMG who needs some advice!

    I'm a Canadian citizen who decided to go to Pakistan for medicine right after highschool. Currently finishing up my 1st year here. It was for the usual reasons... parents convinced me that it would take less time, less money, and above all I was almost guaranteed admission whereas if I stayed...
  3. futuresurgeon00

    US/Cdn Citizens, studying dentistry internationally, applying/applied for residencies in US/Canada

    Hi is there anyone who fits all of that? I have a few questions, and hearing from someone who is/has been in this position would be really helpful. There is definitely a lot of information on this site, but I have noticed in terms of residencies/matching - I've only seen 1 international student...
  4. Future.miss.doctor

    Matching in Canada as a US MD

    Hello everyone. Does anyone know how easy/hard it is to match in Canada as a Canadian citizen who completed their MD in the US? I know according to CARMS they can match in the first iteration, but that does not necessarily mean there would be enough seats for them and/or no bias in favor of...
  5. FutureDoctorX-men

    Any Canadian Medical Students out there??

    Hi there! I'm sorry if I've been posting quite a bit recently. I was just wondering if there are any Canadian Medical Students (or Residents/Doctors) out there on this website. I understand that Canadian medical schools are just a little bit more competitive than US medical schools (I don't mean...
  6. M

    Canadian GPA vs American GPA

    I couldn't find any direct answers to the following. I apologize in advance if it may seem redundant on this forum. I am a Canadian citizen and I am doing my undergrad in an honours biology program at a Canadian university. I am opting to apply to US MD schools this upcoming cycle, however it's...
  7. N

    Canadian citizen, wanting to get a Master degree to raise the GPA

    Hello everyone, I'm 26 and getting my Bsc in 4 months. I have a very low GPA (~2.9) due to many problems I had past 2 years in my life but medicine is my passion and I can't let it go. I'm applying for Ireland and Carib. Schools but even for those I'm sure my chances are very low. So I want...
  8. S

    Canadian Fourth Year MBBS student in Pakistan - please help

    I am a Pakistani-born Canadian Citizen who moved back to Pakistan (after high-school in Canada) for MBBS because its cheaper and shorter and also because my parents wanted me to become a doctor and medicine in Pakistan is easier to get into. Now, I'm currently in my fourth year of medicine and...
  9. M

    Canadian USMD Applicant, School List Additions/Help

  10. 7

    LOAN OPTIONS for a Canadian Citizen with an american Co-signer going to a Caribbean Medical School?

    Hey All, I am in dire need of some advice. I have been denied bank loans from Canada because I didn't have a strong co-signer. I am a 3rd year medical student about to begin rotations in the USA. However I have no Finances to pay for tuition or living costs. I have used all my sources to...