carribean school

  1. G

    Dismissed from Program Due to Timing

    Hey everyone. I was recently dismissed in September from my Osteopathic Medical School due to having attempted and failed COMLEX Level 1 twice. During COVID, due to a death in the family I took a leave of absence for a year and pushed my exam a year. There is a 3-attempt max at taking the exam...
  2. U

    Caribbean withdrawal to US MD school odds?

    Hi everyone, Long time reader first time poster. 2 years ago I made a mistake and went to a Caribbean med school - SGU (I never applied to a US med school). However, I was only there for 2 weeks as my first week in I became violently ill and hospitalized. I stayed in the hospital for the second...
  3. yallwild

    Carrib School Stigmas

    Hi All, Buckle up cause here we go. I have a question. I chose to go to a carrib school and am scheduled to start in January. I won't get into the specific reasons as to why. Quite frankly most of my reasons are politically motivated. I know all carrib schools aren't creating equal so I will...
  4. B

    An Honest Review of Trinity School of Medicine (Please!!!) ?

    Hello! I am deciding between attending Trinity and St George's in Fall 2019, and I am trying to get an honest review from a current/former Trinity student. For the record, I know that attending a Caribbean med school is not ideal, but I don't have the GPA to get into an American med school, and...
  5. NeuroNerdMD

    Stats of Direct Accept vs CFP for SGU

    Hi everyone! For those of you who were accepted to SGU, I was hoping you could list your stats? Were you accepted directly or asked to complete MSAP or CFP? I'm mostly looking for MCAT scores, but if you have your cGPA, sGPA, and/or post-bacc GPA feel free to post those too! Thanks!
  6. S

    Top Residency For Carribean Students

    Hi Guys, I'm a future first year medical student that will be attending Ross University in Dominica. I had a few questions in regards to residency and my chances at top residencies. I know it's very competitive for foreign medical students to obtain residency in the states but I know its also...
  7. R

    SGU 5 year MD program

    Hey Guys! Anyone here aware of the 5 year MD program at SGU? Anyone been enrolled in one? What's the application timeline? Thanks
  8. D

    My past grades are haunting me! End of my medical career ?

    Hello guys, unfortunately i have been awaken by a harsh reality of my GPA bear with me here please. In the past i had no goals in my mind and i was having rough time when i was taking my classes. i am 25 at the moment and i am talking about the courses that i took 6-7 years ago where i had...