cars strategies

  1. F

    target score

    I applied MD only this cycle with the score from my first attempt of 506 (130/121/126/129). Obviously, the 121 in CARS is a death sentence for my application. My cars score was always inconsistent (123-127), so I was asking for this. I completed a summer research program too, and did not allow...
  2. S

    Is it my comprehension issue?

  3. westbill

    Advice on overall strategy

    1st post, so please bear with me; current junior, overall GPA 3.8; science 3.9; planning on taking MCAT early/mid 2017, just beginning prep; feel like I'm pretty strong in sciences, wondering how others have approached CARS component (seems like this will be my most challenging area)...
  4. Lisztomania287

    TPR CARS Strategies, useful AT ALL?

    Hello everyone, I just started taking TPR MCAT prep course for the summer to take the test on September. However, one week into the course, I'm noticing how unintuitive and time-consuming TPR CARS strategies seem. I know many people on SDN argue that EK CARS strategies are way better, but...