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Apr 15, 2015
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Hello everyone,

I just started taking TPR MCAT prep course for the summer to take the test on September.

However, one week into the course, I'm noticing how unintuitive and time-consuming TPR CARS strategies seem. I know many people on SDN argue that EK CARS strategies are way better, but since I'll be attending those weekly TPR CARS courses anyway, I'm wondering if I should try to really learn their strategy and if anyone actually benefited from TPR strategies.

Thus, did anyone find any part of TPR strategy useful? Some of the techniques are: (1) ranking/ordering passages based on difficulty (and guessing on the most difficult one), (2) previewing all the questions and highlighting keywords, (3) reading the passage and highlighting those keywords and transition words, and (4) writing down the summary of the passage on scratch paper after reading.

I'm not that great at CARS and though going through these steps seemingly helps analyzing the passage on my own time, it slows me down quite a bit.

Did you find the strategies helpful? Or did you adapt small bits of it into your own strategy?


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Dec 11, 2014
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I'm taking a TPR course as well; as soon as I switched from TPR's strategy to the EK strategy of reading once for main point, confidence, don't rank passages/preview questions etc, my TPR FL CARS scores went from 125 averages to 127 averages.


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Mar 23, 2014
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I attended a sample TPR class awhile back. They told me to randomly guess for all questions on one of the "hard" passages in the verbal section. LoLz
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