1. A

    CDC Epidemiology Elective Program (EIS elective)

    Hi all, I am a current MS3 planning to apply to the CDC Epidemiology Elective Program for 4th-year medical students (Epidemiology Elective Program Homepage | CDC). I was wondering if anyone has experience applying to or participating in this program? I'm particularly interested in 1) acceptance...
  2. MBMIL_YF2016

    2021 PHAP (CDC's Public Health Associate Program)

    Hello, My name is Lupe. This is my second year time applying for the PHAP program offered by the CDC. I was accepted the first time, but unfortunately had to decline. However, I am anticipating a second acceptance which I will take. I am posting this thread because I did not see any for the...
  3. Sidney.thigpen

    CSTE/CDC Fellowship

    Hello, Has anyone applied to the CDC/CSTE Fellowship for 2020? I’m eagerly waiting for a response to see if I received an interview or not, but I haven’t received anything. I would love to meet people who have applied or have any previous experience with applying to this program! Thanks so much!
  4. P

    2020 PHAP (CDC's Public Health Associate Program)

    First post. Is anyone else on planning to apply for the 2020 PHAP cycle? If anyone has gone through the application process, any advice is welcomed.
  5. N

    CSTE Fellowship

    Does anyone know about the interview process for CDC/CSTE applied epi fellowship? Trying to find info, but they did not give much to go on and just want to prepare as well as possible.
  6. maciemishelle

    2019 PHAP (CDC's Public Health Associate Program)

    Hey everyone! First post on here. Is anyone else on here planning to apply for the 2019 PHAP cycle? I have been looking forward to applying to this program since I first discovered it about a month or two ago, but there is still no information posted on the site for when the application opens...
  7. Asclepius293

    Global Health Opportunities in taking a year off med school

    Hey all! I am curious if anyone has taken a year off in order to complete global health related studies in between 2nd and 3rd or 3rd and 4th years of med school. I was thinking of either applying for a fellowship, research opportunity, or pursuing a one year masters in public health. The...
  8. D

    EIS 2019

    So...not sure if anyone else is applying to CDC's EIS this spring for 2019 start but applications open in a few weeks and are due by 22JUN!!! Also, what appears to be big news from the CDC application webpage, "The United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps is no longer offered as a...
  9. P

    Undergraduate Program (MCHC/RISE-UP) - Kennedy Krieger Institute

    Hello! This is my second year applying to Maternal Child Health Careers/Research Initiatives for Student Enhancement - Undergraduate Program(MCHC/RISE-UP). I received a rejection letter last year on March 20, and I'm anxiously waiting to hear back this year! I am waiting to hear back from the...
  10. rap15

    2018 PHAP (CDC's Public Health Associate Program)

    The application finally opened today so I figured I would get the discussion started! Public Health Advisor- CDC Public Health Associate Program for Recent Graduates As a first question for anyone who has applied before...since I am a current undergrad, I have to submit an enrollment...
  11. J

    EIS 2018

    Is anyone here applying for the CDC's Epidemic Intelligence Service? Usually there's an annual EIS thread, but haven't seen any mention so far this year.
  12. Lost In Transcription

    Info about EIS program experiences

    Hoping those of you who have done the CDC EIS program can talk about what you liked about your experience and if it provided you with what you wanted out of the fellowship.
  13. S

    2017 PHAP (Public Health Associate Program)

    :hello: This may be jumping the gun a bit since apps just opened today but oh well--we can have an early start to freaking out over the waiting game :p (For people just seeing this thread and wanting to know more about the program/application, here's a link: https://www.cdc.gov/phap/index.html)...
  14. USPHS Physician

    New Ask a USPHS Physician thread

    Military docs, we salute you...and we recruit you :) Just FYI here is a new Ask a USPHS Physician thread. We get a fair number of prior military docs transfer in to USPHS, so thought I'd post a link here too. Thank you.
  15. USPHS Physician

    Ask a USPHS Physician

    I am part of a group of USPHS physicians who are trying to extend our outreach to interested students, residents, and physicians such as yourselves. So, SDN's "USPHS Physician" is born!...and he's most honored and pleased to represent and assist USPHS Dentist in answering your questions. USPHS...
  16. A

    MPH Which MPH Schools/cities connected to large international health organizations?

    Hi, I am interested in MPH programs with a Global Health focus, but I also want to go to a school where they are well connected or have opportunities with some of the largest International Health organizations, like the WHO, the CDC, USAID or renowned NGOs as well. Which schools would be best...
  17. Ricegrad

    Private room, shared bath in Atlanta

    I have a spare bedroom with a shared bathroom in a house available for short term rent. The room can be furnished or unfurnished. Rent would be $700 per month with all utilities included: gas, water, electric, WiFi, and access to a washer/dryer. Off street parking is available. A little about...
  18. C

    2016 PHAP (Public Health Associate Program) application - General discussion thread

    I'm sure that most of you who planned to apply to the 2016 round of PHAP have done so already, so here's a place to discuss the process from here on out! Some things to get us started: Current associates: -How did the application process go for you? What factors about your...